5 Ways to Supplement Your Income Working from Home

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A good portion of parents today would like to stay home with their children. Unfortunately, budgets do not always allow for this. Luckily the internet has opened up big opportunities for parents looking to supplement their incomes while staying at home. Here are just five considerations.

5 Ways to Supplement Your Income from

Virtual Assistant – Today’s virtual assistant can help a business in hundreds of ways. From accounting to social marketing to web design, businesses around the world rely on virtual workforces to handle the day-to-day tasks necessary for success. While there are some companies that hire virtual assistants, the competition can be fierce and that can drive down hourly wages in some instances. If you can’t find the perfect opportunity subcontracting for others, consider going into business for yourself. Virtual assistant clients can be found both online and locally.

Direct Sales – Social selling has been considered a lucrative home business opportunity for parents since the 1950s. Today’s direct sales consultants not only market through traditional home parties, but online “virtual” parties are also becoming more main stream. Always choose a company with products you are passionate about. Remember to not only look at the initial investment required but also ongoing sales quotas and marketing materials.

Child Care – Many parents with young children at home choose to supplement their incomes caring for others. This is a highly regulated industry. Be sure to check with your state and local governments for required licenses, permits and insurance. And never take on more children than you can handle comfortably.

Freelance Writing – If English is your first language, your grammar is up to par and you are comfortable researching on the web, you will likely have no problems picking up work as a freelance writer. Every business with an online presence needs content for their websites, blogs and marketing materials. You can find freelance writing opportunities on websites like Problogger’s Job Board or my job board here.

Customer Service Representative – If you prefer to work for someone else and possibly landing an employee position, many companies hire work at home customer service and sales reps. You will need a quiet work environment in most cases, so this may require you to work while your children are at school or sleeping. West at Home and 1-800-Flowers are two popular work at home customer service opportunities.

The best sources of supplemental income will depend on your skills and your schedule. Be honest with yourself and you will likely find quite a few suitable opportunities.

What is your work at home dream job?


  1. says

    I do customer service from home, I have 2 direct sales companies but not really doing anything on those and my blog. Thanks again for your help the other day with that “no follow” issue.

  2. says

    Nice post Angie… and some great ideas.

    I do offer editing and proofreading services but I’m also building an online business with affiliate marketing and creating my own products. I think there are many people who could do that if they just overcame the fear of sharing the information they already know!

    • says

      So true, Debi J. And I think having that mix of income avenues is so very important. It provides a safety net and greatly increases your income potential.

  3. says

    I worked tech support for Apple computer for a while until the remote program ended. It might be worth a try to contact computer companies if you have the skills.

  4. says

    Really nice post, Angie. I do freelance writing and also blogging. I am a personal trainer and has created a blog about fitness. I think blogging is a great way to generate some income working from home. If you know about something and think you can help people, build a blog, and when you get an good amount of visits, monetize it.

  5. Wade Balsdon says

    I believe that freelancers should take on as many of these jobs that they can handle. This pays the bills. They should also look out for opportunities that bring in money with minimal effort and with a residual and passive element attached. It’s so easy to find yourself working for years without a break and that is when burnout and all other nasty types of situations arise.

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