40 Businesses You Can Start From Home

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Several times per year I get emails from former colleagues or friends stating that they lost their job or are sick of the corporate world. Since I work from home, their emails always end with a request for the current home-based options available. Here are 40 businesses you can start from home. Click through any of the links to learn more about the business and read interviews with business owners in these industries.

  1. Love these home business ideas for womenWeb Design
  2. Laundry Business
  3. Customer Service
  4. Transcription
  5. Web Content Writer
  6. Copywriter
  7. Social Media Expert
  8. Virtual Assistant
  9. Blogger or Affiliate Marketer
  10. eBay Seller
  11. Homemade Crafts
  12. Tailor
  13. Consultant
  14. Coach or Mentor
  15. Virtual Professional Organizer
  16. Direct Sales
  17. House Sitter
  18. Pet Sitter
  19. Day Care
  20. Write and Sell eBooks
  21. Tutor
  22. Meal Delivery
  23. Caterer
  24. Cake Decorator
  25. Personal Trainer
  26. Candle Maker
  27. Soap Maker
  28. Housecleaner
  29. Event Coordinator
  30. Jewelry Maker
  31. Interior Decorator
  32. Landscaper or Gardener
  33. Sell Produce from Your Own Garden
  34. Music Teacher
  35. Wedding Planner
  36. Pet Groomer
  37. Antique Restoration
  38. Photographer
  39. Bookkeeper
  40. Resume Writer

As you can see, some of these options can be operated entirely out of your home. Others you will need to venture out to earn your living. There is something for everyone, however. Assess your needs, passions and skill set.


    • Angie says

      I actually had something scheduled this morning rather than writing on the fly as I have been lately…miracle! lol Thanks for recommending that post. I hadn’t read it myself in awhile. 😉

  1. says

    Great list, Angie! So many people don’t realize that there are many options when it comes to businesses they can start.

    Now I’m off to retweet.

  2. Chrystal says

    Great list. When I first looked into working from home many, many years ago I found a lot of useful information on entrepreneur.com, the website for Entrepreneur Magazine. Another good one is Home Business Magazine, homebusinessmag.com, which used to be free back then. Now it charges for print, but most of the information is on their website. These two were a huge help for me just started out years ago.

  3. says

    Great list! I think it’s all about finding something that you love or a talent you have and turning it into a career. You must be really motivated and disciplined, or just plain hard headed ;), to make it work though.

  4. says

    You realize, Angie…this info would make a fab ebook (forgive me if you’ve already done it and I’m flubbing for not doing my research). You’re so helpful – why not? Want to collaborate? 😉

  5. Jacqueline says

    Awesome list. There are so many possibilities for people looking for new opportunities. The list is a great start for them, even if his or her opportunity is not listed. It will get the person to thinking about other options.

  6. Richard says

    A great list of businesses you can start from home. Each one I think would take an enormous amount of effort. What’s the saying though? “Good things come with effort” – It’s something like that. I guess my point is that working from home is fine and dandy but there is no easy button.

    Thanks Angie!

  7. says

    The only thing I have to add to this is that some of these do require some education, but if you already have some training and want to work at home, you can easily do it. :)

  8. says

    This list is a great starting point to get people thinking about what they could do from home, their individual situation, what they can already offer etc.

  9. Karri Hamon says

    This is a really good list. Something to keep in mind. Currently, my brother and I are setting up a window washing business starting from home.

  10. says

    Visiting from SITS. Nice list. I’m considering working from home as a freelance proofreader, now that my little one is about to enter Kindergarten.

  11. says

    Wonderful list, I’ve been looking at becoming a Travel Agent, but haven’t been successful finding all the requirements. I will look into more on your list.

  12. says

    I am just starting to blog and am in the process of developing a niche blog. This information is great. I have taken your button and placed it on my blog! I already work for corporate America from home but would like to be able to get some fun money via a niche blog some day. For now, I am just blogging about my travels…Glad I “stumbeled” tonight!

  13. says

    This article came through an email from Stumble Upon and wanted to say that its a great article.

    Thanks for the taking the time to write it,

  14. Lily says

    Very informative. May I add another profession? Translator. I does have the requirement of you speaking two languages, but it’s an idea for bilingual people everywhere. I do it and leaving the office has improved my life 100%.

  15. says

    My personal favorite is consultant, for the following reasons:
    –>low start-up costs,
    –>flexible hours,
    –>a high hourly pay rate, and
    –>you likely already have the expertise to get started.

    I started my consulting business part-time, and built it into a full-time endeavor which has been the sole income for my family of 4 for the past 3 years.

    I make several times what I used to make at my day job, and have much more flexibility–which is a wonderful thing, since it allows me to volunteer at my kids’ school every week.

    I’ve found that fear often stops aspiring consultants–and other aspiring business owners–from starting their business.

    One of the neat things about becoming a consultant is that you DON’T need a pile of cash to start a consulting business. For example, you can create a professional website for under $100–typically in an evening (I have a free ebook that shows you exactly how to do this, even if you’re not a techie).

    Whether you decide to start your own consulting business–as I and lots of others have done–or some other business, these days it’s wise to diversify your income.

  16. says

    Great List indeed. I have several businesses myself. Not a wife but a mother of 3. I used to think my choices were limited…now I realize it’s just the opposite. I can have several businesses AND make over six figures a year…without have to do direct marketing…which is not a BAD thing….just wanted something different. I found it. Check out MoxieTalk.com…we are starting up soon and will bring lots of great insight into running a business online and offline. I say to women wanting to do the same…whatever you do…start making money today…it’s called BootStrappin’ it!

  17. amgswebsites says

    Great list. In the current financial climate lots of people are turning to starting up their own business. Its good to see people providing others with the right foundations and ideas for the long road a head!

  18. Online Surveys that Pay says

    Great list of start up buisnesses…take a chance and work from home…there is something for everyone

  19. says

    Thanks for the list because it gives people choices for their various interests so they can turn hobbies into a paying job! In the Internet age – working from home has gotten easier. To me, like a regular job onsite or working from home – both requires hard work.

  20. says

    As a work at home husband, I really appreciated this list. It is hard to be innovative with ideas nowadays, since niches get saturated so quickly.

    Question: are these in any particular order, or just random assortment of suggestions you compiled?

  21. says

    Does anyone know if JetBlue still uses work-at-home moms for their phone support? I thought that was super innovative! A lot of jobs where you can telecommute make great work at home jobs. Phone sales jobs can be a good one.

  22. Jay @ Authority Hybrid Bonus says

    Hi Angie,
    Thanks for the list, I’m having a crack at affiliate marketing and I’m loving it! However, I think people who want to work from home must have a certain mindset – its still work and to make a success of it you have to put some real effort and commitment in (so easy to think “oh, I’ll do it later” and watch TV for a while!) But if you are disciplined, its a great life :)

  23. Rudy Hiebert says

    Received a letter from the By-law enforcer saying that she became aware that I was doing business with out a valid business license. Has anyone else here had the same experience? In my opinion I do not meet the criteria as I do not have door traffic, parking, inventory, do not receive benefit from the city as a licensed home business using the web. Others ave answered this by saying it depends on the city by-laws, so I know about that one. Any opinions would be cool to see, thanks.

    • says

      Can’t help with that, Rudy. Sorry. You would need to contact your local government offices. Licensing requirements vary greatly by location.

  24. says

    Great list. I’ve tried tackling some of these. The best I’ve done is photography, selling stock photos to magazines and newspapers. I also do rewriting for non-native English speakers. These would be great if it were extra income, but without a full-time paying job, what income I make is not nearly enough. Time to take my at home jobs more seriously.

  25. Paul says

    Great list. Many people though have been looking for something that they can strike quickly with. With business there never seems to be an instant formula or pushbutton formula. Business is hard work and hopefully people realize that before starting.

  26. says

    Great list! Would love to do freelance writing from home (I write a lot in my full-time job) but can’t see how I would ever earn as much as I do being employed :-(

  27. says

    I think that you can start almost all kinds of businesses from home. As we all know Apple was started in Job’s bedroom and then moved to garage once the business grow and Microsoft was started in garage as well.

    • Blenda says

      Yes you can start any business from home, but eventually you need to have a designated space to enable growth. Interesting list of business ideas.

    • says

      Hi, Jenni. I’ve been a virtual assistant since 2007. It certainly pays my bills.

      A few of the links above go to interviews conducted here on my blog with home business owners making their own way in the online world. Being a business owner (online or off) isn’t for everyone and it requires far more work than being an employee. However, the rewards and income potential exceed the downfalls for many of us.

  28. says

    Hi Angie, Great article! It’s got me thinking of another business I’d like to start ‘on the side’. I wanted to mention that the Home Care industry is a terrific business to start from home! The business of providing care to disabled and elderly from your home. Hire caregivers and place them into the homes of clients around your community. Over a decade of success with it and we’ve just put it into a how to guide for those who are interested: http://www.startyourhomecarebusiness.com

  29. Anna Brown says

    There are some good ones I hadn’t thought of on here! To be honest I truly believe that most businesses can be operated from home- although you do need to be particularly savvy as you will be operating online. Personally I design perfume from home- which is a little similar to soap making, but not quite, so maybe you can make that 41:)

  30. Neil | Butterfield says

    There are so many opportunities to make money these days. People need to be open minded and willing to step out of their comfort zones. Thanks for sharing Angie.

  31. says

    I work in an office but occasionally I am able to do my job from home and I love it. I can’t wait to move away from working for a large corporation and working from home with my own business. More people should work from home, sounds like a great concept, you just have to be disciplined enough to actually work.

  32. says

    Really good list here angie,

    If i wasnt involved in the travel industry i would definatly have gone down the personal trainer route. If you keep yourself fit and are a good motivator i think that is such a good career which can be taken from home. The same with any kind of tutoring really, if you have the skills, businesses at home can be the way forward.

  33. says

    Great list! I always get questions such as “how do you work from home”, “how can I work from home” etc… and it gets exhausting answering the same questions over and over. This is a great list of ideas to get the wheels spinning!

  34. says

    I’d go for: Day Care, House Sitter, Tailor, but would need to work on my skills as a soap maker, housecleaning, accountant! Loved the list, certainly opens your eyes to what a bit of creativity and passion could turn into…

  35. says

    Thanks to the great potential of the internet, it’s now quite easy to earn a decent income from the comfort of one’s own home. More and more people to turning to home-based businesses as it offers them with a be-your-own-boss opportunity. Though it’s not tough to launch a home business, one must first come up with a unique idea. Unless you have something really unique and different to offer, achieving success with a home-based business isn’t possible.

    Thanks for sharing this huge list, Angie!

  36. says

    Nice List Angie. I think Freelance writing is the best option. Yes its really awesome list if any one want to start his or her business from home. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  37. says

    I had never thought how many-many jobs can be done from home. The key to success, is being disciplined and teach others that live in home, that you need a few hours alone without being interrupted. Nice post Angie. :)

  38. Scott@Hard-Money Loans Seattle says

    With unemployment rates still high in this country, it’s really nice to know that we don’t have to rely on Corporate America to help us provide for ourselves and others. Thanks to the internet, people can make a living doing the things they are passionate about. Thanks for the 40 suggestions.

  39. says

    I’ve been working from home for 9 years, and it’s the BEST. Yes, you have to be a self-starter, but the lack of interruptions is wonderful; work gets done in far less time. I work as a virtual administrator for a legal association, and wrote a book about the glass ceiling on the side!

  40. says

    Wow that is a surprising list. I knew that the things you could do from home to make money were growing, but some of those items I would have not guessed. I think that these opportunities are great and while a great deal of people know about them, too many people still do not. I have met many housewives that wish that they to could bring home the bacon but see no way to do that. With the all these options from home what could you be lacking. If you want to be a tailor just do it!

  41. Jamil Ahmed says

    I tried my best to find a type of work which you could do from home and that is not in your list, but there is none. Very well done. Your list has all possible work those one can do from home. I am just curious to know if you covered ‘SEM’ or Search Engine Marketing, in your list. You might have covered that under ‘Social media marketing’ or ‘Virtual assistant’ but it can be a name by itself.

  42. Mike@Investing in Silver says

    A lot of these businesses you can combine into a single business, or just two at a time should you have the necessary time. Soap Maker? I don’t know if I’d want to venture into that after watching the movie Fight Club.

  43. Fiona says

    This is a good way to inform others on the easy way they can make money. I have tried being a virtual assistant, article writing, affilaite marketing and web designing. It is a good way to start a home business.

  44. says

    Nice article. I’ve noticed an increase in people working as Recruiters, Employment Consultants and HR Assistants from their home office. Especially those with past experience.

  45. says

    This post is a great resource. I’m an RN by trade but have been exploring ways to work more flexibly from home to be there for my son. I’m not sure you can make a living blogging (at least I haven’t), but I would love to supplement my family’s income through my love of writing. Great leads to brainstorm here!

  46. says

    Angie, that is a great list that you have put up. I truely believe in this day and age where more and more people seem to be losing their jobs, it is essential to have good, solid ideas of things folks can do at home. Of course, it takes a bit of entrepreneurial spirit to work at home, but well worth it!

  47. Denis says

    With high unemployment rates, price of gas and daycare, working from home is a good idea. Thanks for this list.

  48. says

    Great list. You cannot blame lack of opportunity. You have to create it. Thanks for sharing 40 work from home ideas. Cheers.

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