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passive income opportunityTiffany Dow recently introduced me to a new passive income opportunity called Zujava. Similar to Squidoo and HubPages, this site allows you to publish content on their platform and shares the revenue from the ad impressions and sales your content generates. Zujava is fairly new, only introduced in 2012. If you are looking for ways to earn passive income, here is what you need to know about publishing on the website.

The Petting Zu

Zujava calls an individual page a Leaf. You must create three Leaves before your work is published and you can start generating income. This ensures your writing is up to par and you are not simply there to spam the site. You can ask for a review after you have created your three initial leaves. Once you exit the Petting Zu, your outbound links will become dofollow.

A few pointers for leave the Petting Zu:

  • Fill out your Bio completely and include a profile picture
  • Cite the photos within your Leaves
  • Use photos within your Leaves 😉

Like any other revenue-sharing site, you need to be ready for the investment if you want a return. And if you are thinking about a quick SEO backlink dump, Zujava states clearly “Zujava isn’t the place for a quick backlink. We only want quality content here, and we’d like you to link to quality content as well.”

Prohibited Content

Any quality site that is in it for the long-haul is going to have content standards from the get-go. Among Zujava’s prohibited content:

  • Mature or adult content
  • Gambling
  • Sales of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, etc.
  • MLM
  • GPT
  • Get rich crap
  • Traffic schemes
  • Miracle cures
  • See the Content Policy for more.

Your content also needs to be unique. It cannot be published elsewhere or spun. Your Leaf must be a minimum of 500 words.


At this time you can earn on Zujava from the ad pool (split among all qualified leaves), Amazon (split 50/50) and your personal affiliate links. (Ebay is coming.) The ad pool is split among leaf tiers, similar to Squidoo.

There is also a referral program that will allow you to earn 25% of your referrals’ Zujava earnings through February 2013 (from Zujava’s cut, not your referrals’). You need to get out of the Petting Zu to recruit referrals. The referral percentage will drop to 20% after February.

Payments are made monthly by PayPal.

Things to Know

It took about two weeks to graduate from the Petting Zu. I did join right around Christmas/New Year, so I am not sure if this was a holiday delay or if this is to be expected.

After you graduate from the Petting Zu, remember to go back and Publish your Leaves. This doesn’t happen automatically.

Unlike the Amazon modules at most sites, Zujava does not auto-populate results from search terms at this time. You will need to insert the ASIN for each product you would like featured.


You also cannot jump around much when creating your Leaf. When you click to add a module, it will want you to complete it at that time. I also had an issue with not filling out my tags initially and then not being able to go back and add them later. I guess the moral of the story is to not get ahead of yourself and just take the modules one at a time.

Pros of Joining Zujava Now

It is a new site. Sometimes if you can wait out the growing pains, you can reap great rewards as one of the initial members.

Cons of Joining Zujava Now

It is a new site. There will be growing pains and bumps in the road.

Final Verdict

My Google Analytics show that I am getting some search traffic to the few Leaves that I have up. I haven’t seen any earnings yet though. I will not be jumping ship on my own sites and Squidoo, but Zujava will likely be a site that I try to publish to periodically to see how things shake down.

Create a free account on Zujava


  1. says

    Angie, I’m totally lost here. I don’t understand how to use any of the sites you mentioned, why I should use them, etc. Do you have a total beginner guide on this?

    • says

      Hi, Carli. These revenue-sharing sites will allow you to earn money from Amazon sales, ad impressions, etc. and are often used by affiliate marketers and freelance writers as a side income source or try out new niches. I do not suggest anyone use them as a means to replace their own web presence, but they are great for the occasional one-off topic that may not fit on your own website. If I feel like writing about shoes for example, I would likely put that on a site like this before I start a new website about shoes. It is just not a topic I am that passionate about.

      If affiliate marketing is not a big part of your business plan, please ignore everything you just read and don’t worry about it. It is not something that applies to every business model. 😉

  2. says

    Can you use this site for back links to your own sites? Or would that not be very valuable?

    I honestly, have not heard of this one yet, but it for sure is worth looking into. Have you ever been able to make any serious money from any of those sites?

    Just wondering,


    • says

      You can backlink to your own sites provided they are quality and your content meets the guidelines. I have not done much with these sites until the last few months. I was able to make almost $100 on Squidoo my first month, so there is certainly potential.

  3. says

    I am astonished that managed to make $100 in your first month on Squidoo, this has given me the inspiration to go back and give it another look. I will also look at Zoojava. Thanks

  4. says

    I signed up for Zujava last month. They were not kidding that they were not the site for quick backlinks. My first three lenses were rejected and had a big list of things that could be wrong. I removed the backlinks to my sites and then tried again.

    Try number 2 was much more successful. Supposedly, if I changed a couple of small things related to removing their content headings from my leaves, I would get them published. I’ve done it and hope to hear back shortly.

    I actually think that the Petting Zu method will help in the long-run because HubPages has seen their traffic drop substantially because it is viewed as a content site.

  5. Laura G Owens says

    Great article thank you. I’m in the process of looking for just ONE content site to contribute to based on: 1) strict content standards (I’m a writer and want to be part of a community that insists on original and quality writing) 2) Easy and decent ad share. Easy? I don’t want to place affiliate ads myself. Does this site generate automatic income from adsense or another affiliate or do I need to place ads in my content? The split seems decent, 50/50? Although Hubpages is 60/40. Based on my criteria, what content site would you rec? Thanks so much!

    • says

      Hi, Laura. While AdSense or Chitika blocks may be automatically placed, you will need to include affiliate “modules” whether that be Amazon or another option offered on the site.

      I have content on all three sites currently and I would personally recommend Squidoo over the other two. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to income and they also have high standards for content. I did a personal “Squidoo challenge” during the final months of 2012 if you would like to give those posts a read.

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