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Today will be a short post as I attended a one-day workshop yesterday and didn’t have much time for getting today’s blog posts ready. In keeping with my current blogging schedule, today is Thirsty for Knowledge Thursday. I’ve got another freebie for you!

HP Learning Center is another no cost online training resource. They offer several courses focused on the home office and home business. A few available that pique my interest right now are Networking 101, Improve Your Personal Networking Skills and Adobe Photoshop.

They also have courses available in digital photography, Microsoft Office software, and beginner social marketing. Another area of interest is technology and kids. They have three courses available; elementary, middle school and high school students. I don’t have any children, but these may be of importance to those who do. There are a few courses in the Migrating to Windows 7 arena, which may come in handy for me in the near future.

They have the option to search by How-To Videos, which are quick tips of 5 minutes or less, and Quick Lessons, which are approximately 20 minutes. This is a good option if you only have a few minutes and you want to make them productive.

Hop on over to HP Learning Center and see what you can find to improve your self and your small business. Come back and let me know what you learned. I will give you the full rundown of my one-day workshop next Thursday. It was a-ma-zing!

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