Creating a Passive Income Online Week 5: Squidoo FAQs

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This is our fifth week of creating a passive income online with Squidoo. If you have been following along, you should have four or five Lenses up at this time. If you are running behind, this a short week so you can hopefully catch up with us this weekend.

A few questions have popped up over the past few weeks – from you and me. Below are links to help clarify things.


What is Squidoo?

Official Overview, FAQs and TOS


How Do I Make Money on Squidoo?

Best Ways to Monetize Your Lenses

Historical Ad Pool Payouts and More


What is Lensrank?

Improving Your Lensrank


What Should I Write About?

Making Better Content Choices

How to Make a Sales Lens

My Tip: Browse through the categories and magazines for inspiration.


What is a Magazine?

HQ Magazine Questions & Answers

All About Squidoo Magazines


What About Photos?

A Guide to Using Photos on Squidoo


Where Can I Learn More About Squidoo?

Squidoo Headquarters


Where Do I Sign Up?

Sign Up Here


As many of you that have been following along with the Squidoo challenge have noted, many of the skills we are honing with Lens creation can be taken back to your websites. Several of you have emailed to let me know you are getting far more out of this exercise than you expected. That is great. As with most things online, there is a lot of carryover from business model to business model. It’s never too late to join in, you can read all of the previous posts in this series here.

If you have any questions, helpful resources or would like to share your progress, please feel free to leave a comment.



  1. says

    My lens building has gone really well. I have written a couple of articles within my blog niche that are doing really well. In fact, one is already in tier 2 ranking! I have 3 in Tier 3. Let’s not mention all the traffic that has been driven to my blog and the backlinks that hopefully will help my blog’s search engine rankings. I am very glad I took the challenge because it has helped me understand and take advantage of the great community and tools available through squidoo!

  2. says

    I’m so glad I found your blog. I’ve just started “Squidoo-ing” and it’s addicting, sort of like Pinterest, except it requires me to think…which sometimes takes a while :)

  3. Lana says


    I am a great fan of Squidoo and I have been making money from Squidoo for quite some time. I recommend Squidoo to anyone who wants to spend their free time in a useful activity.

  4. Saon Menz says

    Is this blog only for ladies? If yes than I am sorry. I think publishing lens on squidoo is a great fun. They have some cool feature like trophy, level, bulding blocks etc. Also they have a big audience. I have six featured post on squidoo and I am reached level 11!!!! Also achieved 6 trophies.

  5. Larry Guisihan says

    I am also fun of doing Squidoo lens but very disappointed since as I observed my traffic statistics, I have seen that it has no good traffic to my every lenses. I have already 15 featured lenses in Squidoo.

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