Why I Love My Search-Based Affiliate Sites

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Recently, I mentioned on my Facebook Page having other blogs. Allie Rambles left a comment that I must be crazy to have more than one blog. Most of my other blogs are far different from this one however. Rather than being “social-dependent”, the overwhelming majority of those blogs are happy strictly with search traffic. And they can give me a few things this blog can’t.

seo-based affiliate sites

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Freedom to Experiment – If I wake up one day and want to implement a crazy monetization strategy site-wide, I can. There is no peer panel watching and whispering, “Can you believe she did that?” Speaking of which – these are great sites for experimenting before taking the idea to your main blog.

Less Pressure – Yes, there is pressure that comes with trying to rank well in search engines. But, I find it less stressful than the peer pressure that comes with blogs like this one. Will my content be well received? Will it receive a response? I can write what I want to write, click Publish and move onto the next thing. And if I don’t feel like writing about the topic for some time, it’s okay. No one is watching and wondering where I went. If I start wading into these new waters and decide to turn back, that’s okay too.

Personal Growth – There is far more to me than home business and blogging. I am one of those people who need constant intellectual stimulation. I’m a nerd. I said it. If I come across something interesting, I want to know everything there is to know about it. Then, I want to share what I learned. My affiliate sites are my version of book reports. Provided I think it has profit potential and I have enough interest in the subject to create a good bit of content, of course.

Passive Income – This term is for the most part a misnomer. I know that. However, these little search-dependent niche sites require a lot less upkeep than this one.


Does This Mean I Don’t Love The Work at Home Wife?

No. I love this blog too. This blog and its network are where I get my social “fix.” But, we all need a little place to escape.


Is this type of site suited for everyone?

I highly doubt it. If you need reader feedback and praise to keep going, you likely won’t enjoy this type of blog much. Searchers are not there for conversation. They know what they are looking for. They want to get it and be on their way.

These sites are often built from an entirely different perspective also – money. Research begins before that domain is even purchased to determine profitability and the potential work required for ranking well. There is an excellent post on Marketing Land about what the process of evaluating a niche  looks like.  If you don’t like keyword and affiliate research, you like won’t like this type of setup.


Have you built search-based affiliate sites? Do you love them or hate them?


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    Thanks for bringing niche sites to my attention. I have been thinking about them for quite a while now and just haven’t jumped in.

    I told myself 2012 was going to be different, a year I make it with online income. And niche sites are definitely part of that plan.

    Do you know of any good ebooks, sites or professionals I can reference for more help?


    • says

      Hi, Allie. I hope you didn’t mind the mention. Free backlink, right?! 😉

      Anyhow, I think Lynn Terry’s ClickNewz! was my big go-to in the beginning. There is a ton of valuable information in her archives. She also has a forum on the site, http://www.clicknewz.com/members/.

      Sugarrae is also a great resource. There are a few great articles in Susanne Myer’s Affiliate Treasure Chest’s Affiliate Marketing category.

      That should keep you busy for a while. I will keep an eye out for others that I used to follow diligently.

      • says


        I LOVE the mention. Anytime. 😉

        I am glad you made the differentiation between the 2 types. I do know people that run more of the socially dependent type and I thought that is what you were referring to. I think they are crazy. LOL. I can barely keep up with one.

        I look forward to reading your references and hopefully I can get going on some niche sites of my own soon. That jump is scary but exciting!


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