End of Google Reader: How Does This Impact You?

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Google released their spring cleaning list yesterday. On the chopping block is Google Reader, scheduled to end service on July 1. We have known this was coming for quite some time so it is not really a surprise. It kind of stinks if you are a heavy user of this RSS aggregator as I am. I currently keep tabs on over 60 blogs with this service and use it for much of my content curation. There’s no need to stress however. You have options.

google reader

Google will let you export your Reader data for use in another RSS aggregator service. I am going to give Feedly a try. It allows for a lot of personalization and is available for Chrome, Android, iOS and Kindle.

feedly view options

It integrates with Buffer, Twitter and Facebook. You can even opt to see the most popular Twitter articles from those you follow and/or keep up with Facebook from within Feedly. And it makes social sharing a breeze. Check out the social sharing options in the below image.

Feedly Full Article View

Feedly Full Article View


Feedly is working on an easy transition and the service already syncs with Google Reader. The service was a little overwhelmed this morning so be patient.

Other alternatives include Newsblur, Pulse and Flipboard.

What Does This Mean to Your Blog?

I’m not sure yet. I know there are many that no longer readily offer a “subscribe by RSS” option. We would rather have people sign up for our newsletters and visit our sites to read our latest posts. You will need to determine the best course of action for you and educate your readers on how to make the transition. And please understand that the only ones that will be impacted are those using Google Reader. Your actual feed is not going anywhere. You, as a blog owner, will not be impacted. One thing you should do, if you are not already, is start building that email list.

I am not too concerned with this loss of service as a website owner. You can always follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or subscribe to my newsletter to receive updates. In fact, I would love to see you on my newsletter list! Now is a great time for you to subscribe. 😉

How will you handle the loss as either a Google Reader user or a website owner?


  1. says

    Well I really enjoy using the “Next” button on my toolbar to view blogs so I am worried that I won’t be able to find a service that offers something like that.

  2. says

    I kind of see it as a non-event. As you said, there are plenty of other ways our readers can receive our content. I’m more upset about Google doing away with iGoogle. I use it as my homepage, and I will miss it!

    • says

      I was a little worried because I use Google Reader to follow a lot of blogs and had never looked into other aggregators. Since opening up Feedly, I’m over it already. There are so many more options. Sometimes you don’t know what you are missing!

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