64 Google+ Tips: Infographic

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google+ logoI am not a huge fan of change or quick to jump on the latest online marketing fad. Google+ turned out to not be the fad everyone initially thought. Not only has it stuck around, it keeps growing. In fact, it is now the second largest social networking platform.

If you still cannot bring yourself to be social on Google+, you may be missing out on more than just the direct traffic from those in your Circles. The impact on search traffic is undeniable. The impact on branding is undeniable. When those that have Circled you and your Pages start Googling, they are going to be served up your Google+ shares first.

It is never easy to jump in with both feet and immediately see results however. This infographic from SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com and Copyblogger offers step-by-step strategies and tips for setting up your Google+ profile and Pages and making them a success. And please remember to circle The Work at Home Wife and/or my personal profile before heading out!

64 Google+ Content Strategies [Infographic]
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    Thanks Angie , for this informative article . I have few queries . What is the need of using keywords in Bio (Pt 7) ? How can G+ be substitute for a Blog (Pt 51 ) >

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      Hi, Susan. Keywords in your bio will help people find your profile when performing a search. The substitute for a blog point most likely refers to those running a local small business. As Google+ allows for lengthier posts, it can be used as a means of occasional communication with customers for those businesses that may not need a full-size blog.

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    I absolutely love G+! I have been pretty active there on my profile and in communities and G+ is slowly rising the ranks as one of the SM platforms that is bringing me traffic-good traffic, you know low bounce rates and multiple page views. I love that it does integrate well with hangouts and my calendar.


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    I did a little spot checking on the G+ posts and how they come up in Google search. It seems that post on individual g+ ACCOUNTS show up in search results, but posts made on company g+ pages do not.

    Is there a difference in the type of ACCOUNT you post on as far as google indexing is concerned?

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