Writing a Fashion Blog: 29 Beauty & Style Blog Post Ideas

Now that you have your fancy new blog, it’s time to start writing. While you may have 101 posts in your head, there will come a time when you are a loss for words. Shocking, I know! When writer’s block hits, here are a few ideas to get those ideas flowing again.

Writing a Fashion Blog: 29 Beauty & Style Blog Post Ideas

Beauty & Fashion Blog Post Ideas

  1. Buy This Not That (knockoffs, or affordable alternatives)
  2. What I Wore
  3. Hauls (killer sales you took advantage of and what you bought)
  4. Wish Lists
  5. Gift Guides
  6. Tutorials
  7. DIY Fashion Projects
  8. Beauty Recipes
  9. Recreate Celebrity Looks
  10. Seasonal Trends
  11. Solutions to Common Problems
  12. Favorite Stores, Brands or Single Items
  13. Product Reviews
  14. Online Sales
  15. Fashion Events
  16. Favorite Looks
  17. Secret Tips
  18. Personal Stories (Keep It Relevant)
  19. What’s In Your Closet, Makeup Drawer
  20. What’s Your Morning/Bedtime Routine
  21. Empties (Products you love so much you used them down to the last drop)
  22. Interviews (designers, up-and-coming brands, other bloggers, etc)
  23. Giveaways
  24. Product Face-Offs
  25. Guest Posts
  26. Must-Have Items
  27. Best Products for (Body Type, Skin Color, Hair Type, etc)
  28. Worth-the-Splurge Items
  29. Definitions for Common Industry Terms

Writing Tips and Further Inspiration

Create a blogging scheduled. This will not only help with your branding it will also ensure you are staying consistent and relevant. You could do Beauty Tip Tuesdays or Fashion Find Fridays. You get the picture.

Set up Google Alerts for your favorite brands or industry news. This will keep you “in the know” so you can pass information on to your readers before anyone else.

Don’t forget evergreen content. While posting things like sales and seasonal finds is popular, don’t forget the posts that never go out of date. These are the things that will bring in search traffic long-term. Tutorials and How To posts are often times evergreen.

Follow popular blogs. What are they talking about? Share your opinions on the hot topics.

What fashion/beauty blog post ideas would you add?

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