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How to Land Your First Work-at-Home Job

Are you struggling to land your first work-at-home job? Finally, there's help.

For some people, breaking into their first remote job is easy. For others, it takes a bit longer. Maybe you just started your search but you don't want to wait. 

I created How to Get Your First Work-at-home Job to help you create a life you can love. I have broken your job search into easy, manageable pieces.

My Work-at-Home Resources & Personal Notes

I have been working from home since 2007, over 10 years now! During that time, I have collected a lot of great resources to help you find work from home. I've collected these things along with my personal notes in one easy-to-use place and now I'm sharing them with you.

How to Be a Blogger’s VA

Right now there is a huge demand for virtual assistants with the skills necessary to assist in the day-to-day running of a blog. With so many women finding success as bloggers, there is good, consistent money to be made offering services like uploading and scheduling blog posts, social media marketing and management, newsletter creation and optimization… 

Make Your Email List Count

You have something so valuable that your competitors don’t have and social media platforms and search engines can never touch - your list of subscribers. Are you using this monetization avenue effectively?

Blogging is hard work. And when you’re always chasing the next “viral” blog post and worrying about how many people *didn’t* see today’s post, it’s even more stressful. Get my personal cheat sheet to making your email newsletter the center of your blogging business. 

Primp My Post

Have you created a lot of great content that you don’t feel is getting the respect it deserves? Have you invested a lot of time into your blog but still feel it is underperforming? Let’s work on that!

Primp My Post will show you the exact strategy I have used to substantially increase my pageviews, subscribers and income in a short period of time. Instead of spending your days trying to create more content and more content and more content, let me show you how to make more money with what you have.

Printable Blog Planner

Great little planner that includes more than just empty pages

I love planners. It’s how I keep my blogging business organized and on track. I like a little more from my planners than just fill-in-the-blank pages, however. I want a little inspiration and a few ideas to get me started. That’s why I’ve created my own planner, and I’d love to share it with you!