What Should I Include When Creating Email Newsletters?


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What started out as a quick post about AWeber’s new drag and drop feature for creating email newsletters has sparked quite a bit of interest. A follow-up post last week covered reasons why you need to build an email list for your blog, and the questions keep rolling in. The next few weeks we will be covering a few more aspects of email marketing, so please make sure you are signed up to receive my blog updates by email.

When I started my virtual assistant business almost five years ago, one of the first things I did was start collecting emails and sending out monthly newsletters. At that time, I was using MailChimp. When I started this blog, I started building a subscriber list for it as well. However, I stopped sending personalized emails. I knew almost from the get-go that I was running a serious risk with MailChimp because of this blog’s niche. Therefore, I only sent RSS broadcasts. Boring! Allie even left a comment a few posts back letting me know how disappointed she was after getting on my list. She wanted more than a RSS feed. She could get that anywhere.

As I am now with AWeber, I’m slowly getting back in the groove of creating an email each week. On the last list building post, a reader asked what an e-newsletter should include. I opened up my Facebook Page to my followers and here are a few examples:

Jaime Slutzky from Fit with Flair – Actionable stuff – my newsletters go out to Fitness professionals. The content of the newsletter includes updates they should be doing to their website, marketing suggestions, blog prompts and more ACTION that they can be doing for their businesses.

Linsey Knerl from 1099 Mom – Discounts on services or products readers would like; promotional giveaways I’m holding; a brief interview with a professional

Anna Thurman from Real Ways to Earn Money Online – I have other sites that are related, so I have started listing some of the posts that go up on those. Also links to my social media profiles … I have included tips and links out to other helpful sites as well.

Me – My last email included an announcement that I had updated the Work from Home Leads board (important news, but not necessarily worthy of a post), I cross-promoted two posts from other blogs I own that I thought may be of interest to my subscribers, posts from The Work at Home Wife and a recommended product.


Other Newsletter Ideas You May Incorporate:

  • Links to Your Guest Posts or Interviews
  • YouTube Tutorials
  • Additional Commentary on Your Posts
  • Industry News
  • Free Resources
  • Surveys and Reader-Submitted Questions & Your Answers


Creating email newsletters does not need to be a chore, and they can add such value to your reader relationships that they are worth the investment. Start with one. With every newsletter created you will learn to streamline your process.

Click here to download my step-by-step AWeber setup guide.


  1. says

    Hey Angie, I’m not a work at home wife but I still enjoy reading your blog. Hope that’s okay.

    Oh the newsletter. If it was not hard enough to produce quality content, now it’s quality content for a newsletter. Ugh. Honestly I have not been consistent with newsletters because if I’m truthful, I’m lazy. I know I should but I don’t.
    Thanks for the creative ideas from your FB followers and looking forward to more.

    Stay strong and Be Inspired.

  2. says

    An important part of writing newsletters is to make them feel personal to the reader. If they feel like they are receiving something thousand of others are getting too, it makes them feel less important. It’s essential to know your readers.

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