Virtual Assistant Needed Leads: March 2

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Here are a variety of virtual assistant and freelance writer needed ads pulled from around the web. These are unresearched.

Freelance Writer Needed

Online Community Moderator/Administrator

Meez is social-entertainment community for teens built around a browser-based virtual world, games, videos, and a highly customizable 3D avatar system. Meez has over thirteen million registered users and is regularly placed in the top five US websites for user engagement. We have a great office in the SOMA district of San Francisco.

Meez has a small team of dedicated engineers, artists, animators, and community administrators – with a good mix of talented young staff and industry veterans. As we expand we’re are looking to grow our community team.


About This Position:

  • A contract position, requiring 40 hours per week, and paying $12-15 per hour, DOE.
  • Work is done from home, over the internet.
  • Shifts are assigned, with roughly 20% of hours on weekends (our peak time).



  • Process reports of ToS violations.
  • Monitor community spaces (virtual world, forums, etc).
  • Answer questions posed by our community members (customers).
  • Attend a monthly team meeting:
    • Team members resident in the SF bay area are expected to attend in person.
    • Team members resident elsewhere must call in.
    • All attendees must bring a list of any community issues and/or trends they’ve observed since the last meeting.
  • Complete other duties as assigned.


Text Transcribers

A leading operator of online courses wants to hire text transcribers to help make courses accessible to visually impaired individuals. You will watch lecture videos online from home or any other location, and, sometimes starting with an existing text file of subtitles (i.e., a transcript of the words that the instructor says out loud), you will produce a “video transcript,” which both corrects errors in the subtitle text, and additionally describe the relevant items appearing in the video. This way, visually impaired individuals (who are unable to see the lecture video) will be able to read your transcript, using either screen reader software or a braille printer, and understand the content of the lecture from that.

The material will sometimes be technical in nature. You won’t need to understand all of it, but you will need to pay close attention to be able to describe it accurately. This is highly detailed work. The documents you create should be in HTML, and for cases where data in the lectures is displayed in a table you’ll need to create an HTML table. You don’t need to do any fancy HTML formatting however; if you aren’t familiar with HTML, you’ll be able to quickly pick up everything you need to know. Any mathematical equations in the videos should be described using LaTeX, so prior knowledge of LaTeX would be helpful.

You will be paid at a rate of $20 per hour worked for completed video transcriptions on a per-video basis. Note that the hourly rate is based on the time you spend, not on the length of the video, so for instance if it takes you 60 minutes to transcribe 20 minutes of video, you’ll be paid for an hour of work. Successful applicants must be authorized to work on the US. Each video will typically be between 5 and 20 minutes in length, and you will be paid for completed videos, transcribed in an agreed-upon timeframe, usually 48 hours.

Click Here for More Details



Virtual Administrative Assistant

I’m looking for someone to work from home part-time as a virtual administrative assistant for a small real estate investment and construction firm located in downtown Manhattan.

Initially the work will involve scheduling appointments by phone and also doing some email and Excel work. If the quality of the work is good, additional tasks and responsibilities will be added (if you desire).

Experience in real estate is a plus but not required. Good communication and organization skills are required.

Please let me know how much per hour you are looking for. Thank you.

Apply Here 


Blog Content Writer

Tweet4Me is looking to hire a freelance blog content writer to write on the subjects of social media, marketing, digital distribution, mobiles, tablets, and emerging technology.

Ideal candidate should be able to work and seek out stories independently, which they will then submit to an editor for approval. Past experience is encouraged, but not necessary.

Compensation will be by the article, and determined depending on experience.

Please submit a resume, cover letter, and at least one other writing example.

Apply Here


Bloggers wanted on Insurance and Personal Finance for Australians. 

This is a freelance opportunity for established personal finance writers and bloggers to provide a minimum of 15 articles per month on personal finance, banking, personal insurance and business insurance topics.

Our well-established blog network is seeking several new writers to provide material for its largely Australian audience – though candidates may live anywhere in the world. This is a fantastic opportunity for a passionate finance writer to be part of a large blog network with plans for continued expansion.

This is ongoing work and the starting rate is $25 per article. Articles must be 500 to 800 words, tailored to an Australian audience, and accompanied by source references and a suggested image URL selected from resources provided by the editors.

More Details Here

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