Updated VigLink Review & Tips

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I have written about VigLink several times in the past. There was even a time when I switched my sites over to Skimlinks for a while for the sake of comparison. I keep coming back to VigLink however. And they keep making their product better. As it has been over a year since my last post about this service, here is an updated  VigLink review and a few tips for making the most of the program.

VigLink Review & Tips

What Is VigLink?

If this is your first introduction to VigLink this program helps online publishers make more money on their platforms in less time. In essence, it is a hands-off affiliate marketing tool. VigLink is affiliated with over 30,000 online merchants. Once installed on your website, the tool can add links in a variety of ways (that you control) to ensure you are not missing out on any potential affiliate commissions. In return, the company keeps 25% of those commissions. However, they are often able to negotiate higher rates making it just as, if not more in some cases, profitable than using your personal affiliate links in every instance.

How Does VigLink Work?

VigLink currently offers a few linking capabilities that you can choose from.

  • Convert, which will convert existing links within your content to affiliate links when available
  • Insert, which will automatically add links when it identifies that you have mentioned specific merchants, brands or products
  • Anywhere, which is a URL shortener that will allow you to carry the income potential to social networks, emails and more
  • VigLink Optimizer (beta) – this new product will exchange your existing product links to merchants proven to earn users more money

You can use VigLink in addition to your own affiliate links. If it sees a link is already affiliated, it will not change it (unless you instruct it to do so which we will discuss below). I have found it is a great addition to sites that may not meet the merchant requirements of some affiliate programs. It is also great for those times you would like to promote an awesome sale but are not already an approved affiliate and may not have the time to get approved while the deal is live.

VigLink Tips

I use VigLink on several sites, but I do not want it operating the same across the board. On one site I may be willing to let it Insert links for me, on the next I may only want it to Convert because it is already fully optimized with my affiliate links. In order to make the most of VigLink and optimize it for individual sites, you will need to do a few things.

  • Create Individual API Keys for Each Site – Under Manage > Account > Edit Account, you will be able to create a unique API Key for each site you manage. This will allow you to instruct VigLink to handle each site differently.

VigLink API Key

  • Adjust the Setting for Each – Once you have the individual API Keys created for each site, you want to go to Manage > Settings. Here you can let VigLink know the industry of your site, your site’s platform and how much or little you would like VigLink to optimize your links.

Optimize VigLinkVigLink Settings

Once you have your settings optimized to your liking, make sure you update the API Key on your site.

I have yet to find any drawbacks to using VigLink. It works great for new bloggers and veterans alike. You can use it to cover those missing programs, or use it in lieu of personal affiliate links entirely. The company pays out monthly by PayPal with no minimum threshold. And that is definitely a benefit to those intimidated by the $50 or $100 minimums at some networks.

VigLink is also going to take care of two other pressing matters – disclosures and nofollow links. As all links on your site will be redirected through the VigLink API, they will not pass PageRank which keeps Google happy. You can also opt to have VigLink include a disclosure whenever they affiliate a link. That keeps the FTC happy.

Are you using VigLink on your websites? Please share your experience or let me know why not.


  1. ibnu says

    Hello ,

    I have been blogging with about 12 months. My biggest issue is getting more subscribers and building my list. This is my priority and the my main focus.

    Any assistance you could give would be most appreciated.


  2. says

    Although I signed up sometime ago, I am just now installing this on my site 😉 (just a little leary of it for some reason). Right now I have chosen to use the VigLink Insert. Is that what you would recommend? I only want VigLink to link to affiliates I don’t already have.

    • Angie Nelson says

      You should only need to install the plugin or code. On the site I only want it to convert unaffiliated links I have both Convert and Insert turned off. That keeps it from inserting more links and converting your existing affiliate links. It will only change unaffiliated links you put into a post (Ex. staples.com)

      Does that make sense? It sounds confusing as I type it. 😉

      • Angie Nelson says

        I apologize Patti. Convert will be activated automatically, just don’t click the two options Reaffiliate Links and Optimizer.

  3. says


    I have been affiliate marketing for around 18 months now and this is the first time I have heard about VigLink, this is perhaps because I am based in the UK. Thanks I will look to see if it will work over here. Thanks for the heads up. R John

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