Using Twitter For Marketing? Don’t Miss This

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Using Twitter For Marketing? Don’t Miss ThisMany bloggers and business owners are using Twitter for marketing. It has been a great way to connect with readers, potential clients and referral sources for several years. The problem is that many are not using it effectively. It got a little overwhelming so many they bailed entirely, or worse yet, they set up an autofeed and haven’t been back since.

Social media platforms are only going to give you results if you are connecting with influencers, being present when needed and establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. Followerwonk is a great tool that can help ensure you are getting the most from your Twitter time. Analyze your followers, find new clients and connections, see who you are missing and more.

Follower Analysis

There are a lot of great pieces of information you can learn about your followers. Find those that retweet  or @contacts the most.

Get a good feel for if you are connecting with the right demographic by taking a look at the Bio Word Cloud of your followers.

Followerwonk Bio Word Cloud

Identify your followers with the most social influence and take immediate action. With any of the available stats and graphs, one click will bring up a list of those Twitter users, their bios and location, their Social Authority, follower numbers and whether or not you currently follow them back. Get them followed and start connecting.

Followerwonk Twitter Analysis

Buffer Integration

I only check my social networks and favorite blogs a few times per day, but I certainly don’t want to flood my followers’ streams with shares when I do. This is the primarily reason I use Buffer. I can add my favorite finds and the app will send them out over time and at the best times of day. Before, my Buffer schedule was predetermined based on everyone’s stats. But my followers’ engagement may be different from yours. Yours may be different from the next guy. Followerwonk will take a look at when my followers are interacting on social networks and it integrates with Buffer. That recommended sharing schedule can be updated in my Buffer account with the click of a button.

Followerwonk - Buffer

More Cool Stuff

There are several other cool things you can do with Followerwonk.

  • Sort your followers by a number of metrics
  • Compare your profile to other users
  • Search all Twitter user bios for keywords, locations, etc

This is a Moz app so there are some extended features available with a Moz PRO subscription. The free version more than meets my current needs and will likely suit you fine as well. The only drawback for me currently is the free account only allows you to connect one Twitter profile.

This is an awesome tool for identifying your power followers and ensuring you are connecting with the right demographic. There is also no auto-following or other sketchy practices involved here that can get you in trouble. You are simply analyzing how you are using Twitter for marketing and seeing where you can make improvements for a bigger return.

Have you tried Followerwonk? What great information about your Twitter practices did you discover?

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