Top 5 Tips for Better Blog Post Titles

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Blog post titles are often an afterthought. You spent time researching keywords. You spent time researching your topic. You spent time writing your post. Now, you are ready to hit Publish and move on to the next task. It is easy to simply throw something up there and move along. Surely your regular readers will have an inkling as to the type of content you provide so they will click through, but that may be the lifespan of your post if you don’t spend a few extra seconds crafting a good title. Use these tips for writing post titles that get readers clicking through long after today.


It’s a numbers game. People love numbered lists. Maybe they simply want to double-check that you delivered on your promise of six tips. Whatever it is, it works.

  •  Example: 6 Tips for Conquering Insomnia

Remember the 5 Ws (and that poor H). Try starting your titles with Who, What, When, Where, Why or How. You may ask a question or just make a statement. Either way, chances are good you may see an increase in your click through rate. Make sure you are answering the question.

  • Example: Why You Need to Change Hosting Companies Now

Use adjectives. Words like best, worst, top and awesome get us intrigued.

  • Example: Top 5 Summer Vacation Spots

Title length should be not too long, not too short, but just right. Give your readers an introduction. If your title is “Hostgator” I am going to be a little confused as to what’s next. Are you sending me to the Hostgator site? Are reviewing Hostgator’s service? Is there some important news that I need to know? Let me know where I’m going and what to expect. This is especially the case on Twitter where previews are not available.

  • Before: Hostgator
  • After: Top 10 Reasons to Make Hostgator Your Host

When all else fails, use a template. Simply fill in the blanks of a proven formula and you are well on your way to a better blog post title.

  • Example: Amazing [items] Under [low cost]


We have become a little dependent on post previews and our personal connections carrying the weight of titles. They are not always available however. Putting a little extra effort into the title of your blog posts can greatly increase your click through rate and keep those posts active long-term. 


  1. Ha! I love the templates! :) This is one thing I need to spend more time focusing on. I mean, it is what brings people to read it in the first place! Thanks!

  2. I often struggle with my titles! But I, too, have found that numbered lists work well :) When all else fails, I usually take the list route and it works.

  3. These are great ideas. I have always wanted to be able to attract the visitor, and keep them coming back with great useful content. I’ll be sure to keep my titles interesting and attractive!

  4. I’ve always prided myself on my titles. On my social media site, one of my most visited posts is “Ummmm, What Was the Purpose of Twitter Again?” I try to use a lot of questions as titles and of course, you’re right, the question better be answered within the post. I’ve also had good fortune with long post titles because the way Google sees the titles, I can get a hit from some of the words in the title that are matches for certain search terms, but if I had had a shorter title, my post would probably not have shown in the search results.

    I try to be intriguing with titles, but most of the time questions do the trick. For highly search terms, just turning those terms into a question and then blogging about that, can get you on page one. At least, I’ve seen that for some of my blog posts. I also have a top ten list blog and those posts can rank in the top ten themselves. I love that.

  5. Those are great suggestions! I am new at this so I really appreciate your ideas and templates.

  6. GReat suggestions. I always write the title last so I can make sure it right. Stopping by from SITS.

  7. I LOVE helpful posts like this one! I always have fun coming up with blog titles, but I certainly also feel like I can use all the help I can get so thank you! :) Coming by from SITS.

  8. Thanks for the tips. I don’t have as much of a problem coming up with good content as I do an appropriate, SEO title. Keep up the great work and Be Inspired.

  9. Thanks for sharing. These are really good tips. The title is the thing that is going to really draw them in.

  10. Thank you for the tips. For once, I knew most of them but was reminded of all the blog related things I don’t know and that I keep meaning to come back and explore your site for information on picking a host and seo. Your blog is so helpful

  11. Thank you for this! I’ve always wanted to know if there was a formula to nailing down the perfect post title. This is a great list of things to keep in mind!

  12. Great post and Just the type of thing a new blogger like me needs, thanks

  13. Great ideas!

  14. How to be inspired to title your next blog post, just ready he article above! Lol!!! Thanks for the great tips! Have a wonderful week! Xo Kimberly

  15. This was helpful. I spend a decent amount of time thinking of my titles. They usually change two or three times throughout the writing of the post. But it’s all based on my gut. That combined with these tips should really improve things for me. Thanks.

  16. Great tips! I’m trying to remember to work on the post titles, but I forget sometimes.

  17. Thanks for the tips!!

  18. My best tip for crafting post titles that drive traffic? Get Jon Morrow’s “Headline Hacks.” (It’s free.)

    I’ve been using “Headline Hacks” for months now and it is stellar.

  19. Good info. Thanks!

  20. Great info. Funny or humorous titles get me to click more than any other kind. I also appreciate content specific titles when I’m looking for certain themes etc.

  21. Thanks for sharing, I am already inspired for my next post!

  22. Thanks so much for the tips! It gave me a few ideas lol!


  23. Great tips. Going to apply them with my next posts. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Thank you so much. I need print this out and hang it over my desk!

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