Are Third-Party Ads Killing Your Affiliate Conversions?


Sometimes it is important to tell everyone when you totally screw up. Especially when it is a lesson that others can learn from without having to experience it for themselves. Just before I started my Squidoo challenge, I could not figure out why I wasn’t making any sales from one of my Lenses even though […]

Can You Make Money Blogging? My Experience

It’s been about 16 months since I started this blog. Prior to that, I blogged for a few months on in an attempt to increase exposure to my VA site. Then I heard you can make money blogging. Of course, I wanted to get in on that. I liked blogging. I like money. Why […]

What Do You Mean I Own a Business Blogging?

I saw a forum post the other day that obviously ruffled a lot of feathers. A recent news story on The Washington Examiner reported Philadelphia is now cracking down on blogs that earn money (and anyone else within city limits that is legitimately trying to make money without a license). If it generates any income, […]