Squidoo Money: November Earnings

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It is finally payday for the first full month of my attempt to generate passive income on Squidoo. My personal challenge was initially to create eight Lenses during the eight weeks leading up to Christmas. If you followed along, you know I went above and beyond that eight Lens goal. My Squidoo earnings for November…


Though my earnings fell short of my personal expectations, I certainly am not going to complain. It is $95 that I didn’t have yesterday. At the end of November, I had 24 Featured Lenses up. I averaged a little less than $4 per Lens in November. That was on par with what I had predicted, and the good news is these pieces of content are not done earning. They are still up and still making money. The income that was related to Christmas traffic will hopefully be replaced by shoppers for other holidays throughout the year.

Final Verdict

squidoo moneySquidoo is definitely a revenue-sharing site to consider if you are looking to generate passive income in 2013. I am not willing to put all of my eggs in one basket however, so my writing plans for this year will continue to put a heavy emphasis in my own sites first with sites like Squidoo being secondary earners.

Are You Ready to Make Squidoo Money?

Did you participate in my Squidoo Challenge? How did you do?


  1. Jessica says

    I bought the book that you suggested and it was great! Helped me focus on what was a selling lense, and what I was making. Great read, thanks again for the posts on this subject.

  2. Alan Leenhouts | HoutsGraphics says

    I just signed up for squidoo today. I figured it would be another place that I can put up some of my content, link to my blogs and my web design site. I didn’t really see it as a moneymaker yet. Now that I see it as a profit maker as well as a way to get links to my blogs and site I will be more motivated to get it going.

  3. Janis says

    Hi Angie,
    You did great for your first month on Squidoo! I also signed up a couple weeks ago. I hope to see my first earnings next month. I only have 4 featured lenses, but I’ve already won a purple star! I think it’s fun watching your points go up and earning those cute little trophies. It is so inspiring and motivational to see the successes of others on Squidoo. I really enjoy writing lenses there, though my progress is slow because I have to do my main writing work first to meet my weekly income goal. But some day I’d love to be one of those people that earn a thousand or two dollars a month on Squidoo! :)

  4. Yvonne A Jones says

    I’ve not ventured into creating Squidoo lenses although I created an account there some time ago. Your results are motivating me to start learning more about Squidoo and ways to monetize.

  5. Joseph Chua says

    Hi, i have just signed up for squidoo a few days back. But sadly to say, squidoo are rather stringent with their requirement and hence my lens are still pending for review. Nevertheless, after reading your article, i am becoming more motivated to get my lens approved. I will be trying again should my lens review are being rejected.


  6. says

    That’s wonderful Angie. I’ve been over to Squidoo a few times but never thought about trying it out myself. But after reading a few of your posts it has me intrigued!

  7. says

    Nice work Angie! Thank you for sharing this. I haven’t used Squidoo much, but have heard good things about it – and have actually followed some new blogs because I found articles on Squidoo, so it’s another good resource. Thanks – good luck!

    • says

      I know of a few girls who started their businesses on Squidoo because they couldn’t afford a website at the time. It can serve many purposes to many people.

      Thanks for stopping over, Susan. :)

  8. Stephano says

    Once your Squidoo site is up, how much babysitting do you have to do per lens? Are they really quite build it and move on or do you have to nurture them all continually? It looks like you have quite a few lenses built and I am just wondering how much time commitment it is to keep them all going?

    • says

      If they are receiving traffic and making sales, the upkeep is minimal. If they start performing poorly, Squidoo will de-index them until you make updates.

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