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ShareASale Review

A few days back I mentioned a few programs where you could make money as an affiliate. One of those programs is being run through ShareASale. A few of you asked for more details on that affiliate network. Ask and you shall receive. Here is your ShareASale review.


There are over 2,500 merchants in this affiliate network. There is a little of everything; online and offline companies, big name and little guy merchants. Now merchants are added on almost a daily basis.

If you are a blogger, there may be quite a few programs in here from people you know. StudioPress (Genesis Framework) and Business2Blogger are two in here that I promote.

Deep links are easy to create with ShareASale. If you want to point to a specific page on the merchant’s site as opposed to the homepage, you can easily do that.

There is a low payment threshold of only $50. Payment is made via check or direct deposit on the 20th of the month for the previous month’s commissions.

Pay Per Call is available on a few programs. This isn’t a big concern for many niches. Affiliates for products that often get people picking up the phone as opposed to purchasing online may find some comfort with this. It is not available for every program or for every affiliate however.

They have a referral program. I thought that it used to pay more and was two-tier, but it looks like it is $1 per lead. That’s okay. We won’t complain about them wanting to give us money. ;)



Ugh. I hate the system. I know some affiliates love it. I’m not one of them. I love Commission Junction’s however, and I know some affiliates hate that one. This is just a matter of preference. On the plus side, you can do a lot with the advanced merchant search. You can search for cookie duration, minimum EPC and more. You can also create “License Plate” links that include social sharing buttons so your readers can pass them along.

Good News/Bad News

It is not cost-prohibitive for those looking to run their own affiliate program. This is great for the little guy looking to have their affiliate program managed through someone other than Clickbank. On the other side of coin, this means there are some things in there that are a little on the “junky” side.

My Favorite Programs in ShareASale


I have used the ShareASale affiliate network for several years now, and they are consistently a top earner for me. They have always paid me on time and without issue. As with any network, you will need to be approved. But, it costs nothing to register and start earning. If you use my ShareASale link to sign up, I might even earn a dollar today. And I didn’t even have to ask you to buy anything. How’s that for a deal? ;)

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  1. Been using ShareaSale for quite some time i am loving it! Great review.

  2. Susan Osborne says:

    Great review. I was researching this for a client of mine who wants to get into affiliate sales and came to the same conclusion. Commission Junction is great, but she’s way to small for that pond right now. Shareasale seems to a better option for her at this stage of her business. Thanks for the article!

  3. what do you like best, SAS or CJ?

  4. Thanks for posting this Angie, I was looking to sign up on the affiliate program for YogaDownload and got redirected to ShareASale, now I am one of those persons who do their research before signing up on anything and stumbled across your blog.

  5. It’s asking me to fill out a W9 tax form did you do this? I’m just iffy about giving my SS#

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