Checking Search Rank Post-Scroogle Scraper: Alternatives Worth Checking Out

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Scroogle Scraper was a quick and easy way to check search rank for over 10 years. This free search rank tool would allow you to perform a Google search without the standard personalization (location, search history, etc) to get a better look at where your page ranked in search results.  It recently served up its last search result however. Now what? If you have been looking for a Scroogle Scraper alternative, here are two to check out.

What Page of Search Am I On

This is a cool little free search rank tool. Enter your keywords and URL, and What Page of Search Am I On will tell you straight out – Page 6. While it only allows you to check search rank within Google, it does allow for international checking.

search rank tool

Starting Page

This search engine will also allow you to perform private searches. However, you need to go digging through the results to find your page. The results will be listed just as you would find them in Google.

check search rank


This Week’s Blogging Posts of Interest

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If you saw another traffic quake around February 20, you aren’t imagining things. Another Panda Update has been released. Some changes have also been made to the weight certain links have on search rank, but Big G is trying to keep that under wraps.


I am going to be talking “topics” here and around the web in the upcoming weeks. If there is something blog or home business related that you would like to know more about, please leave me a comment. I’m more than happy to help.


  1. says

    Angie, thanks for the informationa about Scroogle Scraper. I am not shocked that Google shut them down. I just found your web site. I will be back again scraping ideas from you.



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