New Drag and Drop Builder for Easy Email Newsletter Design

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I have a confession to make. I stink at email marketing. Oh, I have been building a list since I started blogging. I pay for an email newsletter service. I know full well the value of an email. Not a fan of creating them, however. Iโ€™m stubborn. If things donโ€™t work like WordPress these days, I have little patience for it. But, this is one service that loses me money month after month. I hate that worse than I hate creating newsletters.

Over the weekend I spent some time in Aweber looking at what was going out to subscribers previously, and what options I had to improve things for both readers and myself. Much to my surprise, Aweber now has a Drag and Drop builder for email newsletter design that is perfect for my needs.

After choosing from the many templates available โ€“ you can also upload your own โ€“ it is simply a matter of clicking on the applicable box to edit the contents. The below template came ready to promote articles or blog posts. With these new features, I can easily add an image, title, description and URL for my latest blog post. If my chosen template had a different setup, it would just be a matter of dragging and dropping the Article block to make it fit my article promotion needs.


You have several other Drag and Drop blocks available as well. Once a block is dropped into the editor a slide-out box will prompt you for the necessary information for that block. You can add easy-to-follow Facebook and Twitter buttons to your emails, promote your products and add coupons to your newsletters. You can add your logo or signature. These options allow for a little more networking, a little more branding and a little more passive income.

This was a great find. The Aweber Drag and Drop builder will encourage me to take a few minutes every week to create a more interactive and attractive newsletter replacing the less than stellar RSS broadcast that was previously being sent. As I am more confident in what is being sent, I can start actively building my list again, something that I stopped quite some time ago. Hopefully over time, my emails will become another avenue that passively generates an income. Something they should have been doing from the beginning.

If you are already an Aweber customer, schedule some time to design a fresh broadcast for your subscribers this week. If you are not currently using Aweber, you can get started for only $1.

Click here to download my step-by-step AWeber setup guide.


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    I am one of your subscribers. When I first subscribed I almost unsubscribed. I thought “if I want RSS, I’ll get RSS.” I was hoping for more from you and not just your posts. But you have helped me for a while now and felt loyal.

    I got used to your format of sending the Friday post roundup, I call it. And I have grown to like it. It is simple and to the point and I can come on Fridays and read your blog, like a reminder.

    This morning I was excited to see a different font and feel to the email. It looks really nice.

    I am thinking of switching to Aweber. When I do I will get your referral.


    • says

      Newsletters have always been my Achilles heel, Allie. I’m forcing myself to overcome that. I hope to bring you better emails soon! Thanks for sticking around. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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