How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites + ManageWP Discount

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As I have been becoming more successful with affiliate marketing and blogging this past year, I have found my website portfolio growing quite a bit in size. This had made tasks such as plugin updates and comment moderation more than a little time-consuming. Last week I ran across a tool that promised I could manage multiple WordPress sites within one dashboard so I had to give it a try.

ManageWP has been on the market for several years now, and I think I have seen it mentioned somewhere previously. However, I thought it was simply for website monitoring and updates. It was only when I saw it mentioned in a blog post again last week that I took my research a little further. ManageWP allows you to do not only the bigger tasks that come with being a webmaster (updates, security checks), but also the day-to-day maintenance a blog requires (publishing posts, moderating comments, checking stats). Now that is a tool I can get onboard with!

Here are a few other features you can look forward to with ManageWP:

  • Manage installation and updating of plugins, themes and WordPress versions across multiple websites
  • Access individual dashboards within ManageWP
  • Check for malware, page load speed, broken links and more
  • Comment moderation
  • Backup your sites (Standard Accounts & up)
  • Clone a site for fast deployment (Pro & Business Accounts)
  • Monitor uptime (Business Accounts)
  • Traffic alerts that can alert you to unexpected publicity or spam bot attacks (Pro & Business Accounts)
  • Google Analytics integration (Pro & Business Accounts)
  • SEO Analysis (Business Accounts)

manage multiple blogs

This tool has been saving me a lot of time for a number of reasons; I can update plugins across all of my websites with one click, I can delete post revisions and spam comments across all of my websites with one click (huge drain of resources in case you didn’t know) AND I no longer have to open up my master file to grab usernames and passwords for each site.

I was a little scared at first as I can be a little technology-challenged. Installation was a snap however. Simply install the WordPress plugin and connect your website to your ManageWP dashboard.

ManageWP Dashboard

Free-for-Life Accounts will accommodate up to five websites and you will receive all advanced features free for 30 days. No payment information is required to give it a test drive. Three account upgrades (Standard, Professional and Business) are available starting at just $.80 per website per month.

Find out more about ManageWP and sign up for your free account and receive a 10% discount on any future upgrades when using this link!



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    How did I NOT know about this? Thank you SO much. I am currently running 5 WP blogs so the free version is good for me for now but I might consider a paid version in the future.

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    Do you have to be the admin of a WP page for this to work? I ask because I do some VA work and have access to some WP dashboards of other people so I can post posts and what not. I have to switch around between each dashboard. If I could do it all in one spot that would make life so much easier.

    Stopping by from Sharefest

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    Great post! Thank you so much for sharing. This is something I will definitely be keeping in mind for the future! Stopping by from SITs Girls have a great weekend! :)

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    This has to be one of the most useful blogs! I run 6 WP sites and hate having to install plugins on each one separately. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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