Manage Multiple Google Accounts In A Snap

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Many of the most popular posts on The Work at Home Wife lately have been advice and tools for the serial blogger and business owner. Why wouldn’t they? We have multiple talents, multiple passions and many of us have multiple businesses. Today’s post is about another great internet tool for multi-faceted online business owner.

If your businesses and/or blogs cover a number of unrelated interests, there is a good chance you have a Google account created for each. Especially for services like YouTube, it can be imperative to keep your interests somewhat separate. 99% of the readers of many of my other blogs could care less about the internet marketing tutorials I offer up on the YT channel for this site. Putting them all in one place is likely to either dilute or deter subscribers. After all, if I am looking for specific advice, I am unlikely to subscribe to a channel that offers beauty tips, dog training tutorials, standup routines and miscellaneous check-ins. When I receive a notification, I want to know it’s relevant. I can only expect my readers expect the same.

However, it can be a pain in the neck when you have multiple accounts for YouTube, Gmail, Group and more. And let’s not forget about the virtual assistants among us managing client accounts. This is perfect for you too!

Google allows for multiple account sign-ins. This is automatically enabled for all accounts. When you are on any Google product that supports multiple sign-in, simply click your name or email address at the top of the page and a drop-down box will appear. Click Add Account and sign into your next account.

multiple google accounts


The first account signed into will be your default. Whenever you would like to switch to another Google profile, just click it within that drop-down box.

Google products that allow multiple sign-in include:

  • Alerts
  • Calendar
  • Code
  • Docs
  • Finance
  • Gmail
  • Google+
  • Google Moderator
  • Groups
  • iGoogle
  • Maps
  • News
  • Profiles
  • Reader
  • Sites
  • Voice
  • Web Search
  • YouTube

If you are a serial blogger, multi-passionate entrepreneur or an online service provider, give multiple sign-in a try. There is a pretty good chance this free tool will save you a lot of time and trouble as you manage multiple Google accounts throughout the day.

Have you tried Google Multiple Sign-In? Has it made your online business world easier?


  1. Betrand says

    I have seen the “add account” many times but never have I checked to see what it does. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. says

    Thanks Angie! I use this all the time. I have 5 major accounts and sub-account within them. And different browsers for each account. Life’s a lot easier with this multi-account and switching function.

  3. says

    This is good to know about. Now, if only Facebook would work better with switching between pages and profile. I find that you can switch to a page but then most FB plugins for web sites won’t work. They all want you to go back to your profile.

    Twitter is also a pain. TweetDeck (and I’m sure other tools) help, but Tweet buttons always go to the account your logged into and you can’t easily switch.

    • says

      I use HootSuite and their Hootlet for Chrome so I don’t have any tweeting issues even though I have several accounts. Can’t help with Facebook though, Bill. 😉

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