Mad Mimi Review: Mad Mimi vs. AWeber

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We have been discussing building a strong network of email subscribers this week. I recently tried Mad Mimi’s newsletter service and thought the review would be a good way to finish off the week.

Mad Mimi Review: Mad Mimi vs. AWeberIf you are a long-time reader, you know AWeber has long been my newsletter provider of choice. They provide me with the features I need, for the most part, at a competitive rate. Recently I ran into a situation AWeber wasn’t able to accommodate however. One of my affiliate managers offered to create coupon codes for my email subscribers, but these were one-time use coupons. Each subscriber would need to be assigned an individual code. This didn’t sound like an off the wall request, so I was sure it was within AWeber’s abilities. Not so much. Customer service advised me they do not allow personalized tags and recommended I hire someone from oDesk to create an API. Not something I am willing to do for a one-time email. Then I remembered I had signed up for a free account over at Mad Mimi some time back. Maybe they could help.

I shot them an email and they were quick to let me know I was able to assign unique tags to subscribers within their system. They also told me exactly what I needed to do. My subscribers and coupons were uploaded and my email was created in no time. Success! Now it was time to take an overall look at the program as a potential AWeber replacement.


Drag-and-Drop Email Builder – You can’t get much simpler than drag-and-drop interfaces. Easily add image and text blocks.

Mad Mimi Email Builder

Affordable – While there is a free plan for sending up to 12,500 emails per month Pro plans are available with additional features and unlimited email limits. With my current usage and subscriber numbers, my cost would be $16 per month. I currently pay $29 per month with AWeber.

RSS Broadcasts and Drip Campaigns – RSS to email broadcasts are available. You can also create automated follow-up emails.

Tons of Add-ons – Activate additional features or integrate your account with other common online business tools like Etsy, Google Analytics, Freshbooks and more.

Subscriber Control – If you have several lists to choose from, daily vs weekly notifications for instance, your subscribers can manage their own subscription and update their personal information as they please. With AWeber moving subscribers between lists involves setting up Automation rules.


No Ready-Made Templates – While you can easily build your newsletter and change the colors, I do like AWeber’s frequent addition of seasonal and business-building templates.

List Cleanup Limitations – I like keeping a “clean” list. If someone hasn’t opened my emails for several months, I remove them. This ensures my stats are as accurate as possible for myself and my advertisers. There is no simple way to do this within Mad Mimi.

TOS Concerns – While most free newsletter providers prohibit certain industries and activities, I do know several in the work at home and make money online niches that have been approved for use of their service. What concerns me is the following text in their Terms of Service, “Mad Mimi investigates all reports of exploitative use, and a fee of $250 will be applied for violations resulting in spam complaints.” If you have a newsletter already, you know that occasionally someone is going to hit that spam button. Maybe they are having a bad day. Maybe they don’t understand what the term really means. Maybe they forgot they signed up for your newsletters. Regardless, I don’t know any of us that afford to wake up to $250 charges to their bank account. This is the only thing holding me back from moving my newsletter at this point. Update: Please see comments for a few clarifications from Mad Mimi.

Final Word

While I love the simplicity of the program and the extra features, I am a little apprehensive to move from AWeber due to Mad Mimi’s current Terms of Service. I would need further reassurance in writing to calm those fears. And if you are considering Mad Mimi and are in one of the gray industries, I absolutely insist that you contact customer service and get approval by email. They can only say no. And that is far better to know before you build a prosperous subscriber list to only find it is gone forever due to a violation. Cover your bases.

Have any experience with Mad Mimi? Let us know in the comments.


  1. says

    I don’t blame you a bit! The $250 is concerning. I emailed them about it a few weeks ago since I send out over a thousand emails per week and I usually get at least one or two spam complaints each time. They said I was not anywhere near the trouble zone so that made me feel a bit better. They’re so nice at Mad Mimi that I honestly think they wouldn’t charge that to anyone unless it was completely obvious they were spamming, but then that does stay in the back of my mind. $250 is a big chunk of change to lose all at once and if they have your credit card number, that risk is just there.

    • Angie Nelson says

      I know. I bet that it is rare, but I know you for one have experienced a company charging you without warning simply because they felt you where in a certain category and they had your account info (*cough* Akismet). I know what a hassle it was for you to get that small amount back. Imagine several hundred dollars!

        • says

          Hey Anna,

          I know I’m replying here months later but yes, we do warn you and then we also look at each case and work with you to figure out the root cause for the complaints.

          One of Mad Mimi’s proud owners

  2. says

    If you google mad mini there is a good article at about mad mini vs mail chimp. I was also investigating a auto responder and in the end I went with your mail list provider.

  3. says

    Hey everyone, Dean here, one of Mad Mimi’s owners. I just noticed this article and I figured I’d dive in. The $250 charge is something we added to our terms to discourage abuse – we’ve actually never leveraged it against anyone in all our time we’ve been around.

    We try to work with everyone that gets reasonable abuse complaints and our delivery team investigates possible root causes so the sender can take positive action and be a better emailer. And yes, if your stats are negatively impacting your delivery, we reach out to suggest solutions.

    Thanks to everyone to sharing their concerns about that fee. Thanks especially to Angie for writing this lovely post!

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