Is It Time For A Blog Checkup?

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Not too much of a post today. My poor dog seems to be developing food allergies in his old age, so our nights are rather restless between the itching, scratching and shaking. He’s miserable. We’re exhausted. But, we’re working on it. Hopefully we can all sleep again soon.

blog checkupAnyway, today I just wanted to share a few blog things you should check from time to time. They do not need checked obsessively. Two or three times per year will likely suffice. These are a few things that have either been brought to my attention by readers or that I was not happy with myself. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

Check Your Forms. There is a good chance you have a few forms available on your website or blog. Opt-in boxes and contact forms are two of the most common. I had a contact form awhile back that wouldn’t let visitors using Internet Explorer use it. Though few people use IE, you want to make sure your site functions properly for them too. Apparently there has also been a problem with my opt-in boxes lately. It was jumping between the sidebar form and Magic Action Box when you tabbed. This seems to be a common problem when running more than one HTML form on a page. I simply switched out the AWeber form in the sidebar for Genesis eNews Extended. All is well for the time being.

Follow Your Opt-In Process. While trying to get my opt-in boxes working properly, I went ahead and followed through on the process to get a taste of the user experience. I was not happy with one message along the way, so I quickly updated that to make it less confusing to new subscribers.

Check your Rich Snippets. If you have implemented some type of Google markup (Authorship, Reviews, Recipes, etc.), every once in a while make sure those are still working properly. If you change themes or plugins, your previous settings may be lost. Take a few seconds to see if things are still previewing correctly.

rich snippets

Check your Twitter Cards. The fact that I got Twitter Cards set up in the first place was a miracle. But again, if you make any big changes to your website those things can get lost along the way. If you are using Twitter Cards, hop into your Twitter stream and make sure your Summary or Media is still available.

twitter cards


Those are things I checked and updated this morning. What items are on your blog checkup list?


  1. says

    Sorry about the doggie :( What kind of dog do yo have Angie?

    Also, I’m horrible about checking systems but SHOULD – people usually don’t notify you so check it yourself. :)

    • says

      Thanks, Tiff. He’s a mixed up mutt dog, but I’ll cook him up homemade dog food if necessary. lol

      I hear ya about checking things. It is especially bad when they half-work. You don’t notice. Thankfully, one of your readers pointed out my jumping opt-in forms. (Thanks, Jake!)

  2. says

    Hey Angie,

    I am also sad to hear about your dog and restless nights dealing with that. I hope all turns out well.

    Thanks for the gentle reminder of how we all need to be continue to check it’s like a tune up or an oil change something that needs to be checked after so long.

    Lastly, I have never heard of twitter cards something I am going to have to look into.



  3. Debi J says

    Hope doggie feels better soon. It’s tough with older dogs. Had to put an itchy pup on Prednisone for a while once or twice and then they have potty issues…Older dogs usually already have those so not a great solution. :)

    Just went thru the all my forms with the new site and ended up changing some of the older stuff on my DebiJ blog too so this is a great reminder!

    And what the heck are Twitter Cards? I know we have a challenge gal who’s covering Twitter. Maybe she’ll get to that one. So much to learn!

    • says

      He slept good last night Debi, so hopefully we are getting things worked out.

      Twitter Cards will show a little preview of your post, or you can have it display different Media. I love them, but they are a pain to get set up. At least for me! I’m code -illiterate.

  4. Patti Hale says

    Well I have spent a day and half editing my links! I had the mistaken impression that my broken link checker plug in was working and all was well. However, just before bedtime last night I noticed a comment from my blog (my Disqus comments aren’t working right either) that said none of my links were working on one of my pages! Arrgh! That page and another page all had markups and I had to edit them out. (Anyone know what happened to I didn’t get the memo) Then while checking the other pages I found a few others that weren’t working. Arrgh! Finally ran my site through an on line checker and found 17 more! For a website that has a lot of links this is a bad thing, lol! So I would recommend running your site through another broken link checker every once in a while

    On another subject: I have a “shelter” dog who is also of mixed origins and also has a problem with scratching and itching. Vet told me to put Benadryl in her food when it gets too bad–and change food of course.

  5. says

    Hi Angie, I do check everyday to make sure everything is working smoothly, because every once and a while you will run into something weird and if you don’t have all the tech skills it can wreck your nerves. I’m getting better though. I sure hope your dog is feeling better soon

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