Introducing My Direct Sales Blog

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If you are a regular reader, you have seen me posting about building a new blog over the last few weeks. It’s now up and running, so I wanted to take a few minutes today to announce it publicly to my loyal followers.

The Best Direct Sales Companies was born due to the large amount of traffic I receive on The Work at Home Wife relating to direct sales. I had considered incorporating that information here, but this is a vast topic. I felt it could easily be a blog in itself.

What You Will Find on The Best Direct Sales Companies

This blog will focus on detailing the best direct sales companies and home party business opportunities. My hope is this will become a one-stop shop for finding out what a company is really about; their products, their compensation plan, the start-up costs, hostesses programs and so on. Many of these little details are hard to find, and they are rarely found in one place.

You will also find direct sales tips and tricks of the trade.

Who is This Blog For?

This blog is for those looking for a company initially, and those looking to build their business. There are several advertising opportunities available over there. And, it isn’t just another link directory like many sites. It has the information that people are actively seeking.

Hop on over to my direct sales blog and check it out. As always, I welcome your feedback.


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    Angie! You are awesome! I left Corporate America to take care of my children & work from home. Working at home is hard work, however, your direct sales blog gives such great information for people looking t get into direct sales. Direct Sales isn’t for everyone, however, I am so glad you are highlighting the good companies out there. Thanks for your blog!!! Cheers!

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