How to Use Shoeboxed to Save Time and Stay Organized

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How to use Shoeboxed to Save Time and Stay OrganizedWhether you’re a freelancer, direct sales rep or savvy solopreneur, staying organized – especially when it comes to your finances – is absolutely crucial to your small business’s success. Choosing time-saving, user friendly software and cloud-based applications is a great way to take control of your receipts, expense reporting and accounting. is a receipt scanning service that helps solopreneurs and small business owners “go digital” by creating digitized receipts, eliminating paper clutter from the workspace, and saving hours of painstaking time come tax season.

There are two major ways that Shoeboxed can help small business owners get (and stay) organized. First, Shoeboxed gives you the ability to clear out all paper clutter from your entire office in a single swipe. With their Magic Envelope, you can literally stuff anything that needs to be scanned (receipts, bank statements, business cards, etc) into a big prepaid envelope, drop the envelope in the mail, and get back to running your business.

Upon receiving your envelope, the good folks at will scan and digitize every scrap of paper, making all of your information editable and searchable within your account. They’ll also automatically assign each receipt a category like travel expenses or entertainment, which makes calculating your write offs easy as pie.

Since the IRS happily accepts digital receipts, you can now recycle all of your old files. A streamlined, organized workspace will increase your productivity, make it easier to find what you need throughout the day, and create the mental space needed for brilliant new business ideas to blossom and grow.

Second, Shoeboxed helps you stay organized with its handy on-the-go app for iOS. When you’re meeting with clients, attending a conference or racking up miles between customer locations, tracking your receipts is more important than ever.

The Shoeboxed app tracks every penny for you in real time, which in turn allows you to recycle every receipt and prevent the paper pile up. When you receive a receipt, just snap a picture of it with your phone from within the Shoeboxed application. All of the pertinent information, from the date and time to each itemized line, will be instantly beamed to your account. If a vendor, retailer or client offers you an emailed receipt, you can have it sent directly to your Shoeboxed account with your personalized Shoeboxed email address.

Shoeboxed helps solopreneurs stay organized by eliminating past paper clutter, and by preventing new clutter from building up. The service also cuts tax time in half by keeping you abreast of your various expenses and write offs. When it’s time to submit your expenditures to your accountant at the end of the year, it’s as easy as creating a one-click, comprehensive report that can be downloaded and emailed to your tax professional.

If you run your own business and work from home, having a account is absolutely invaluable – it’s sort of like having your own personal assistant, on-site accountant and organization expert, all rolled into one. - Scan Receipts and Business Cards

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