How to Create Horizontal Submenus in WordPress

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When a drop-down menu extends past what is viewable on your reader’s screen, it can lead to a bad visitor experience. If they accidentally move their mouse while trying to scroll down, there goes your menu. Now your reader either has to scroll back up and try it again, or they just get upset and leave.

I often prefer my Categories as a navigation menu rather than a widget in the sidebar. It cleans up the space and allows you to do some other things in your sidebar without packing it to the brim. As the categories grew and grew on My Beauty Box Review, I had to figure out how to create a horizontal submenu that would list my categories across the full width of my blog rather than being a drop-down. I searched and searched for two days. I did not find any easy solutions. I attempted to create this effect with CSS, and I almost got there. Almost.

Every theme is written differently. And even if you figure out how to build a horizontal submenu now, when you change themes you are going to have to figure it out again. And I change themes a lot. Finally I found an easy fix.

horizontal menu

UberMenu: WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

While I was looking strictly for a horizontal submenu solution, UberMenu offers that and much more. You can add contact forms to your drop-downs, Google Maps, latest posts and so much more. Add thumbnails or little social media icons. You can also easily customize your colors and font size to match the look of your website. (If you need help identifying your color codes and complimentary colors, I use ColorZilla for Chrome and Color Scheme Designer.)

There is an instruction guide and video tutorials available. There are also important notes along the way – for people like me.


Thank goodness for plugins! Thank goodness for WordPress! Thank goodness for UberMenu! The great thing about plugins is that they are not only a much simpler solution than messing in your theme Editor, you do not have to worry about being locked into a theme. Your plugin goes with you when you are ready to change-up your looks with a new theme.

This is not a free plugin. The cost is $16 per license (a license is needed for each site on which it is installed). UberMenu was definitely worth the purchase. I wasted way more than $16 of my precious, money-making time trying to figure this out on my own. Way more than $16! While the horizontal submenus more than cover the cost in my book, the additional features knock it out of the park.

Find out more about UberMenu and see more samples on their website. 



  1. Steve says

    Very cool plugin. I must live a somewhat sheltered life, I haven’t noticed horizontal menus until I came to your site here and read this post. Now that I see them, they can be a huge benefit. I have seen menus that disappear below the fold and then you have to scroll, just for the menu. Not good.

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