Implementing an Editorial Calendar: Online Passive Income Made Easier

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Many of you are ready to jump into online passive income this year with both feet. I am right there with you. I have big goals for this year. One of my biggest stumbling blocks in the past has been staying motivated, staying on top of content creation and avoiding overwhelm. I have several websites. I have several profiles at revenue-sharing sites. It can be difficult to keep track of where is getting content next and what has already been published and where. Therefore, this year I have decided to finally embrace an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar allows bloggers, passive income writers, publishers, businesses and other groups to manage the publishing of content on different media platforms. Some writers may have an editorial calendar for each site to which they publish. For now, I have chosen to have one Passive Income Writing calendar that covers the main avenues I have indentified to generate passive income this year:

  • My Websites
  • YouTube
  • Revenue-Sharing Sites

editorial calendar template

I have set my goal of creating seven pieces of content per week. Those websites that I am trying to beef up such as YouTube and Squidoo may have their own day of the week on the calendar. Sites that are more in “maintenance mode” will share content from the other days.

How to Use an Editorial Calendar

Depending on your goals and business model, you may choose to use these maps to:

  • Ensure you are publishing to your blog on a regular schedule
  • Ensure you are covering a variety of topics to meet your audience’s needs
  • Ensure you are putting in the effort to meet your online passive income goals
  • Keep track of posts scheduled to publish at a later day

Your calendar should also include an area for brainstorming topic ideas. The one I have chosen automatically creates a column for each daily topic that I have chosen. I can then jot down potential articles or even insert a Note with a list of keywords to use when writing that post.

The template I am using also has an area for Potential Guest Bloggers and Giveaway Sponsors. As I do not run giveaways, I can use these cells to write down sites that I may be interested in guest posting for this year.

blog editorial calendar

Where Can I Get an Editorial Calendar Template?

If you prefer paper lists and calendars, Lynette Chandler makes a free blog editorial calendar available each year. It is free to download and print. 

Surprisingly in my old age, I am finally moving more towards online task management systems. I have opted to use a free template that works with Google Drive. The calendar I showed you above can be found here. You can also browse through the other editorial calendar templates submitted by users.

The key to any new system’s success is actually using it however. I use Chrome as my default browser so I can easily Pin my calendar to always be available. I already use Pins for HootSuite and Google Reader therefore this won’t be a major change. Find a system that works for you and then stick with it.

Do you currently use an editorial calendar to stay on top of your content marketing?


  1. says

    Something like this would certainly keep me organized! I definitely want to get more on a regular schedule as far as the online content I create, particularly with my blogs that I tend to neglect. Thanks for sharing your tips and the links, Angie.

  2. says

    Hi Angie,

    I also started using an online editorial calendar last year and it really helped me organize my small tasks. Visually, it is better to see where you are at in terms of your writing and publishing activities especially if you manage multiple websites and blogs.

  3. says

    I used to balk at this idea because I always wanted to fly by the seat of my pants, but I started implementing it in December and I LOVE it. It’s so much better – and it doesn’t hinder my spur of the moment flexibility because scheduled blogs or content can always be moved around.

    Great post Angie!

  4. says

    Hey Angie,

    This is great organizational tips and I really apprecaite you information in sharing all these helpful tips. I really liked your simple broken down steps to follow that you have placed. Do you do this on a print out calendar or digital calendar just wondering?

    Thanks for your time,


  5. says


    Editorial calendar is really helpful to keep me organized. I am able to track easily which is which in my daily activities. I wouldn’t know what to do without this.

  6. says

    Hi Angie, thanks for the Magic Action box plug-in recommendation. I’ve been manually adding my optin boxes, so this is a real find. Thank you!

    Will be looking into the editorial calendar too – thanks for the great information.

  7. Stephanie says

    I definitely want to start using an editorial calendar this year. Last year I created a calendar but I set my goals to high and I ended doing very little. Now I will focus on setting realitic goals so that I can actually achieve them.

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