Blog Etiquette 101: Are You Behaving Badly?

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Thankfully, blogging has a low threshold for entry. Anyone anywhere can start a blog this very moment and start sharing their voice with the online world immediately. The drawback here is that the “blogging code of conduct” can go unknown and unfollowed for quite some time. If you are new(er) to blogging, here are a few blog etiquette pointers to keep you in good graces with the veteran crowd and your community.

Blog Etiquette 101Don’t Contribute to Comment Spam

We love comments as bloggers. What we don’t love so much is spam. If you are going to spend your precious time contributing, make sure it doesn’t end up in the Trash folder. Use your God-given name, not that of your blog or favorite keyword. Add to the discussion, share a resource or give your opinion on the post’s topic. No “nice post” comments, please.

If It’s Not Yours, Don’t Use It Without Asking

If you do not have express permission from the source, do not use images you find online. Period. The same goes for content. It is one thing to include a small quote with a link back to the source when writing an editorial. It’s another to post someone else’s article in its entirety. Just don’t do it.

Be Respectful of Opposing Views (a.k.a. Don’t feed the trolls)

At some point someone is going to disagree with you. At some point someone online is going to be having a bad day and decide you are the target of their frustrations. Don’t get involved in drama. You can’t come back from that. Delete the comment if necessary. Ignore the offender. Whatever you do, don’t feed the trolls.

Make Your Competitors Your Community

The best people to promote your work at those that share the same followers – also known as your competitors. Make friends with these people. Start a tribe for social media shares. Participate in group giveaways and blog hops.

Acknowledge and Reciprocate

When someone does share your work, thank them. Reciprocate if you can. Don’t act like you are above your community or eventually you won’t have one.

Follow Through on Commitments

This goes for everything from guest posting to reviews. You wanted this career path so dearly, treat every opportunity as your first. Don’t be a flake. It hurts everyone.

Don’t Spam Your Followers

While you shouldn’t spam other bloggers, don’t spam your followers either. Don’t harvest their email addresses from your comments and add them to your newsletter list without permission. Don’t private message them on social media to promote your site.

When You Start Feeling Desperate, Stop

Desperation can take a blog down in no time. Whether it is spurred on because you don’t feel things are moving quickly enough or you simply get a twinge of jealousy because another blogger landed the review you were vying for, keep yourself in check. Don’t get on a social media soapbox about how you are a better blogger than everyone else. Don’t beg PR reps or put down a brand out of spite. Don’t participate in shady or irrelevant tactics to get more traffic. Your hard work will pay off, but not if you ruin your reputation.

What bad behaviors would you add to the list?


  1. says

    You hit the nail on the head! I’ve come across some pretty rude people in the blogging community but thankfully, most are gracious and nice.

  2. Karen @ Unpack the Box says

    Just saw this on G+ and would add my personal pet peeve (FWIW)

    “Hi! Love your blog! Follow me, I follow back!” – which is also spammy, but for some reason gets under my skin more.

  3. says

    I have a question for you about blog etiquette…. After commenting on a couple of different blog posts, the bloggers apparently subscribed my email addy to their site and I started getting emails. What do you think about that?

    • Angie Nelson says

      There are many commenting systems that will have a box to subscribe that you can check (or may need to uncheck). If that isn’t the case and they are manually adding you as a subscriber, it’s spam.

  4. says

    One of my biggest annoyances is the automated response when I follow someone on twitter – one way to guarantee I am not going to click over to your blog is by sending a generic, automated tweet to me as soon as I follow you. No thank you. I understand people are busy but this has a negative response from me.

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