AdSense Backup Ads: No Ad Space Left Behind

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adsense blank adsDepending on an individual page’s content, you may occasionally see a blank space where your Google AdSense ads would normally appear. If no targeted ads are available, that is typically what happens – blank ads or a colored box are displayed. That is money left on the table! You can easily create AdSense backup ads that will display the ad of your choice in these instances. You can insert an affiliate product, welcome message and more.

Getting rid of AdSense blank ads is far easier than it sounds on paper, which is why I have created this step-by-step video tutorial. Give it a watch or hop down below.

Note: This process is for the occasional display of blank ads, not for resolving blocked account issues.



How to Add Backup Ads to AdSense:

  • Create a HTML file in your favorite text editor with the desired ad code. Download the template here.
  • Upload the HTML file to your website.
  • Insert the URL of your uploaded HTML file in your AdSense account.

That is all there is to creating AdSense backup ads. Depending on your site’s content, you may never see these alternate ads or they may display often. Either way, you are not missing out on any potential income.

Do you have your AdSense set up to display alternate ads when targeted ads are not available?


  1. says

    Great info! I have two agencies that get my ad space, and Adsense is the backfill for them. Between the three, I haven’t had any blank spaces that I know of on that site. I could be doing this for my other (Adsense-only) site, however.

  2. says

    I have been reading yours and other tutorials for 2 days and probably uploaded 10 times or more. And I can’t get it to work. Do I just press View in my? It just brings up code and not my ad. I can’t figure it out! The ad works on my website!

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