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My name is Angie Nelson. There was a time where I was right where you may be now. I’d had enough of the cubicle farm, and I was going to find a way to escape. Jumping to another corporate job wasn’t going to make me happy. I wanted to be in control of my future. I needed to get out of the office politics. I started a hunt to learn how to make money from home legitimately and for the long run. I read and researched and read some more and finally decided to start my online business was the way to go. I started my Virtual Assistant business in 2007.

After receiving a number of emails from people each week asking me how to start their own business or if I was hiring, I started blogging about my home business journey as a one-stop shop for those seeking help.

Whether you are looking for home business ideas, marketing information or how to earn an income from blogging, you will find it on The Work at Home Wife. I aim to provide valuable information about how to make money from home, tools of the trade and how to reach those goals that will provide you with the means to earn a living online without having to live online.

I invite you to join me as my journey continues. Every moment of working at home is a learning process. The online world changes daily. I try to keep my readers up to date. The best way for that to happen is by signing up to receive email updates so you won’t miss a beat.

I’m always open to your questions or concerns. If I don’t know the answer, I likely know someone who does. Never be afraid to ask. Here are some popular posts to get you started.

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Recommended Work at Home Tools

  • PayPal – The industry standard for accepting and sending payments online
  • LastPass – Great tool for keeping track of all your online login usernames and passwords
  • Dropbox – Use this to share and save files
  • Sidekick – Have you ever sat around wondering whether that person got your email? With Sidekick you will know when they opened it. This is a big blessing in the online world. Now you will know if you maybe hit the spam folder or they chose not to respond. Then you can move along to the next thing. Get a free month of pro with my link.
  • Real Ways to Make Money from Home – eBook by Addi Ganley from Frugal Fanatic

Recommended Blogging Tools

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