70 Ideas for Freelance Jobs From Home

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With the feedback I received from my 40 Businesses You Can Start From Home post back in April, I know how much you guys love a great list of home business ideas. This weekend I haphazardly stumbled upon a massive list of freelance job from home for you to start digging through. Many of these are in the “professional” sector, but there are quite a few the majority of you may be able to jump into with the skills you have already.
Freelance Job Ideas


  1. 3D Artist
  2. Academic Writer
  3. Accountant
  4. Advertising Copywriter
  5. App Developer
  6. Architect
  7. Article Writer
  8. Artist
  9. Blog Writer
  10. Book Designer
  11. Book Editor
  12. Bookkeeper
  13. Business Analyst
  14. Business Writer
  15. C Programmer
  16. CAD Designer
  17. Comic Artist
  18. Commercial Writer
  19. Computer Programmer
  20. Concept Artist
  21. Content Writer
  22. Copyeditor
  23. Copywriter
  24. Creative Director
  25. Drupal Developer
  26. Electrical Engineer
  27. Fashion Designer
  28. Fashion Stylist
  29. Fiction Editor
  30. Film Editor
  31. Flash Designer
  32. Game Developer
  33. Grant Writer
  34. Graphic Designer
  35. Health Writer
  36. Industrial Design
  37. Interior Designer
  38. Interpreter
  39. IT Consultant
  40. Legal Writer
  41. Logo Designer
  42. Magazine Writer
  43. Marketing Consultant
  44. Media Buyer
  45. Medical Editor
  46. Medical Transcription
  47. Medical Writer
  48. Motion Graphics
  49. Personal Assistant
  50. Photo Editor
  51. Photo Retouching
  52. php Developer
  53. Product Designer
  54. Professional Services
  55. Project Manager
  56. Public Relations
  57. Science Editor
  58. Science Writer
  59. SEO Consultant
  60. Software Developer
  61. Sports Writer
  62. Tech Support
  63. Technical Writer
  64. Textile Designer
  65. Travel Writer
  66. Video Editor
  67. Virtual Assistant
  68. Visual Merchandiser
  69. Web Copywriter
  70. Web Designer

What would you add to the list? For even more service business resources, please see my starting a freelance business checklist.


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