6 Companies That Offer Virtual Assistant Jobs

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Though many of the posts on The Work at Home Wife are focused on building your own business, there can certainly be benefits to seeking out virtual assistant jobs with larger companies. Just as freelance writers can find content mills an excellent place to learn the virtual ropes, pad their schedules and make it through the cyclical nature of online business, the same applies to subcontracting as a virtual assistant. Here are six companies that currently list openings for US-based virtual assistant jobs.

6 Companies That Offer Virtual Assistant Jobs

Zirtual (no longer in business)– If you are a highly organized self-starter that works well under pressure, you can apply to be a Virtual Personal Assistant with Zirtual. The company is currently looking for U.S.-based assistants in states other than California. Sorry, California.

eaHELP – Administration and task and project management are the skills needed to become an executive assistant with eaHELP.

Staff.com – This site hires for full-time, long-term positions only. Companies from around the world can interview and employ you via the staff.com site. Payment is made twice monthly via debit card. The site states you determine your hourly wage, though I am unsure what the competition charges once inside the site. Worth checking out, but proceed with caution.

HireMyMom – This is a membership-based site, however I have heard several success stories. And, they do apparently offer very reasonable pay to their contractors. You need to have a minimum of 1-2 years experience in your area of expertise and “a commitment to professionalism.”

Fancy Hands – This company pays on a per-project basis. Each task will be assigned a rate based on its level of difficulty and time required. They only hire within the U.S. Right now, they are only looking for specialized service providers. Please revisit their job board often.

Ziptask – There are four project levels at Ziptask. Basic admin work usually falls into Level 1 or 2 which pays $5 or $10 per hour. Graphic design or programming work may garner an hourly rate of $15 to $20. Please be fully aware that you may be a WAHM making less than minimum wage if you have limited experience.

Closing Notes

Don’t work for less than you need to feed your family or than you feel you are worth. While you should expect to take a cut when working as a subcontractor – they are the ones doing the marketing and signing clients – you should never expect to work for free or close to it. While there are companies out there looking to take advantage of the competitive nature of the work at home world, there are also many companies willing to make an investment in quality workers and pay them an industry standard wage. Those are the ones you should seek out.

Interested in starting your own virtual assistant business? Check out these trusted resources. 


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