20 Ways to Promote Your Business

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How to Advertise Your BusinessLooking to get the word out about your home business but are not sure how? Luckily, there are endless ways to promote your business today. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular.

1. CPC Ads are one of the more popular advertising avenues for those businesses with a larger budget. In most cases you are paying for your ad to be placed alongside search results or on websites relevant to your offer. Many hosting companies regularly offer credit for Google AdWords which can help cut down on your expenses.

2. Solo Ads will allow you to send out an exclusive ad to an established email list. You are usually purchasing a specified number of click-throughs as opposed to list size. This can be a highly effective technique provided your offer is relevant and your sales copy and funnel are compelling.

3. Banner Ads are always a popular choice. Quality of the site’s traffic should be chosen over quantity.

4. Text Ads are another option though less commonly available. You can purchase campaigns through programs like AdWords or Infolinks. You can also contact webmasters directly about linking to you within relevant articles.

5. Business Cards

6. Free Samples should be carefully considered but can be a great way to introduce new customers to your products.

7. Trade Ad Space with complimentary businesses. This can be done online or in print.

8. Social Marketing  through sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter can be a cost-effective way to get the word out. Do your research and focus your efforts on the sites where your target market hangs out.

9. Vendor Events are a great option for those offering tangible products. Craft fairs, business fairs, bridal fairs, food tastings, home shows and more can be attended almost any weekend.

10. Word of Mouth Referrals are extremely cost-effective. And powerful. This can be done authentically simply due to an amazing customer experience, or you can intervene offering some type of reward for new referrals.

11. Direct Mailings are not as popular as they have been in years past, but some businesses find the occasional post card or flyer beneficial. These can be warm mailings to your existing network or cold mailings to a purchased list.

12. Business Networking Events are a great way to find new joint venture partners and marketing opportunities. You can find events through your local Chamber of Commerce or Meetup.com.

13. Group Deal Offers like Groupon must be carefully considered but can be a great way to reach a new customer base.

14. Local Online Listings should not be overlooked by storefronts and those looking for local customers.

15. Press Releases are a quick and easy way to spread the word about your business online.

16. Loyalty Programs are becoming increasingly popular. Reward your regular customers with special discounts or offers for frequent purchases.

17. Giveaways can be great for spreading the word provided they are well thought out and marketed correctly. A good portion of the population will take a freebie regardless of whether they are truly interested in a product or not. Make sure you are investing your time and money reaching those that will hopefully become buyers regardless of a giveaway.

18. Sponsor Opportunities are readily available online and off. Seek out industry events and non-profit organizations.

19. e-Newsletters are a must have for any sales funnel. This ensures even if you do not make the initial sale, you will during the follow-up. It also allows you to continue reaching existing customers which is far more cost-effective than new customer outreach.

20. Classifieds can also be found online and in print. Industry-specific advertising opportunity may be the best investment.


With any type of advertising impressive design and copy are essential. Because of its cost effectiveness and trackability many experts recommend focusing the majority of your marketing dollars online. Use the 80/20 rule for online/offline marketing.

What is your favorite home business advertising avenue?


  1. says

    Love this list! It just reminds me how many things I have NOT yet tried! So far I have focused more on freebies, social media and affiliates. I’ve got a LOT more to try!

    • Angie Nelson says

      I admit to getting stuck in a routine myself. It never hurts to dip your foot into new waters.

      Thanks for stopping by, Ruth!

  2. Neil Butterfield says

    Thanks for sharing a comprehensive list of ways to promote our businesses. You rock Angie :-)

  3. says

    Hey Angie,

    Since social media has bloomed into an advertising platform, many had forget about the other methods of advertising one’s product. Now that is social media is fully occupied with advertisers and promoters, I think it’s time to find another advertising technique. Not just 1 but 19 more techniques that are old and new. It’s a good thing that you’ve shared this post. Beginners and season veterans will practically have a lot of options to use to advertise their brands or products without spending a lot time on social media.

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