2 More Must Have WordPress Plugins

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I have mentioned it before, I am a sucker for a good WordPress plugin. They make blogging life so much simpler. They can add amazing features and interactive capabilities to your blog. Over the last few weeks I have come across a couple more must have WordPress plugins.

1. HTML code: Pretty Link Lite
– If you include affiliate links in your blog, after awhile you have them here, there, everywhere. They are in your ebooks, reports, blog posts. What happens when an affiliate program goes dead? What if your link changes? Are you going to know everywhere that you have that link? How long will it take you to update in those places?

I have looked around for quite some time to find a plugin that would make the nice www.yourblog.com/recommendsthisthing. I have found them, but most are paid plugins. I’m a cheapskate. I knew there had to be a free one out there. Redirection is a free one.

You tell it what pretty name you want it to display. You use that link instead of the messy, mile-long affiliate link. It tells you how many people click it and if it should go dead. Then, you only need to update it to the new link and it is all taken care of for you. Amazing!

Another plus, if someone asks for a recommendation you can ramble this off (or type it, tweet it, etc) off the top of your head. You don’t have to go looking it up, copying and pasting, etc.

2. Facebook Like Button – I have said time and time again how important it is that your readers are able to share your posts with the click of a button. If they have to copy and paste, go somewhere else, do this-that-and-the-other, they probably won’t. As readers, we want to be able to click one button and have everything taken care of for us.

This plugin adds the little “thumbs up” button to your blog posts and your readers can start clicking away.

Those are my two favorites for today. Do you have a must have plugin I need to get? Feel free to share!


  1. says

    I began using the FB like button last month, and it’s been worth it for me. My number of followers has really started to increase, which is great, since my Google Friend Connect widget mysteriously disappeared on me last month. Thanks for the info.

    SITS visiting – peace. 😉

  2. Debora says

    I’m starting to feel like my day isn’t complete unless I’m finding new and fun plugins for wordpress blog…LOL

    Thanks for the tip on the facebook like button – I just might be adding that one is this weekend!

  3. says

    Hi! I use wordpress.com but have my own domain. Trying to switch to self-hosting so I can use plugins like fb and commentluv.
    How hard is the switch? Will I lose anything (followers, comments, posts) or have to redo my site?

  4. says

    I actually just went back to blogger after being self-hosted on through wordpress but I just don’t know I mean I know I can have those plug-ins with one click instead of having to go through the coding on blogger but I’m just not sure if I want to go through the hassle to get everything up and going and then to loose my followers…Humm…I just don’t know.

    I do love the idea behind the redirection plugin it seems so convenient and I like the sound of convenience ^_^

  5. says

    I have removed the fb plug in on my wordpress it seems I have done something wrong with the installation. Thanks For the Tips! I’ll re install it again.

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