14+ Sites Like Fiverr

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Microjob sites are hot right now, regardless of if you are a buyer or a seller. You may be looking to outsource a few small tasks. Perhaps you are looking to earn a few bucks performing those small, quick tasks. Fiverr isn’t your only option. Here are 14 sites like Fiverr.

Gigme5.com is almost identical to Fiverr. Gigs are all priced for $5, and you will find similar categories being bought and sold.

Justafive.com has misleading name. Though gigs can be priced at $5, you can also buy or sell gigs for $10 or $20. This may be a good place for those tasks that are worth more than $5.

Tenrr.com charges no fees for their service. Instead they consider this site a meeting place for buyers and sellers. You are free to exchange contact information which is prohibited on some sites. You can price your gigs from $1 to $10.

Tenyt.com  offers similar categories to Fiverr, but everything is priced at $10. You can withdraw funds once your account hits $40. Tenyt’s cut is $1.

Fora20.com allows you to buy and sell tasks from $5 up to $20. I see a lot of gigs listed similar to those on Fiverr, but I don’t see any with ratings. There may not be much action over here.

Gigbucks.com allows you to post or hire gigs ranging from $5 to $25. I do see open requests on this site. There is no minimum amount for withdrawal, and Gigbucks takes 2% of the transaction amount.

Fittytown.com is the town where everything is $50. Open requests is a good sign. There are some very interesting listings over here. Fittytown does take 15%, so your $50 gig is really $42.50. But, that 15% includes PayPal fees.

Zeerk.com allows you to sell and get paid on the same day. No waiting period. Gigs are priced anywhere from $2 to $100. Zeerk takes no commission on $2 and $5 gigs. There are some very interesting categories over here.

Tenbux.com gigs are priced at $5 and $10. It doesn’t look like there is much activity over there at this time.

Myntmarket.com is a Spanish site and focuses primarily on social marketing gigs.

Dollar3.com  gigs are priced at “$5, $3, $6, $9, $12, $15 and $27.” There are a few unique categories here, such as Recipes & Cooking.

Jobsfor10.com is a marketplace of “quality services for small businesses” for $10. They do take 20% of your transaction, but that is about the norm. Though the site infers $10 gigs, I do see listing for $5 and $20 here also.

Outsourcerr.com appears to have stuck with the $5 gigs. There are quite a few additional categories here, though the majority seem to be related to online marketing, design, writing, etc. I don’t see their fees openly stated before registering, but I would assume they are inline with the industry standards.

Earner.net  offers a variety of ways to get things done or earn some money. There is a marketplace for things like website templates or ebooks. There is a service section where you can offer your services in a number of different categories for $5 to $400. There are also design contests on this site. Earner’s fee ranges from 10% to 20% depending on in which section of the site the money was earned.

New Additions Since Posting 

Fivers World – This is one of my personal favorites as they have an Instant Access feature. If you frequently sell ready-made gigs (eBooks, PLR, etc.) this one is for you.

Coffee and Power



WAHMs Gigs


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    • says

      You are welcome, Katie. I’m working on putting together a post on how to maximize your profits on sites like this. Time for a little brainstorming. 😉

  1. Chrystal says

    (the new blog looks amazing, sorry I have not stopped by in a while!) I love Fiverr and for the last month I have been getting 3-4 gigs every day. I have tried WriteSwap and a couple others will no luck. I am going to check out the ones you have here that I have not heard of. More exposure never hurts!

    • says

      Thanks, Chrystal. I have listed a few things on WriteSwap without much luck. Fiverr took some time to kick it, now I need to diversify. 😉

  2. says

    I just signed up on Fiverr yesterday. Still need to take the time to figure it out. This is a great list and very helpful for bringing in extra cash, which I think everyone could use right now.

  3. 2FiverrGigs says

    Super List ! you can add up Jiverr.com to complete the list , It seems to make some waves these days.

  4. says

    You’ve done some really outstanding research, Angie — thanks a heap! :)

    I’m wondering if “Fittytown” might be a good option for me to explore. I’m looking for online venues where I can offer prenatal and postnatal breastfeeding consultations. Fittytown just might fit the bill!

    • says

      Melanie, it sure can’t hurt. That’s one thing I really like about these sites. They can be great for experimenting without a long-term commitment.

  5. Yvonne A Jones says

    Hi Angie,

    Thanks for taking the time to do the research for the rest of us. I love fiverr.com and have had very good results with it. In fact, I’ve built up a couple of relationships so that when I have certain tasks to do I look for those people who also try to do my work quickly. But it’s great to know that other options exist outside of ODesk and some of those pricier sites.

    Thanks for sharing ….and your new site is beautiful!

  6. Chrystal says

    Coffee And Power seems to be one folks on WPLH are starting to favor just after Fiverr. I am going to try it next. I think if one has a great gig and puts it on all of these sites, they might just be able to make a living off Micro sites!

  7. beverly says

    Earner.net is a stupid scam site. Picture this, i found a service meant to send 5000 visitors to my site in 2 days for $6. judging by the small amount being charged, i decided to try this service provider. The provider never sent a single soul to my site. i sent a message to admin asking why that person was not delivering and what they could do about it. i got not reply then to my surprise i found my review rating the service positive. when did i rate a service i never used? whoever is the owner of that site is missing the point by a very big margin!!!